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Explanation of the IPv6 address space and other fundamentals. More. SLAAC assigns the link-local address to an interface and uses this to assign a global IP. 25 Aug 2011 19 Dec 2013 Walk through a detailed sample SLAAC configuration on a Cisco device to be One or more IPv6 prefixes (Link-local scope); Prefix lifetime 23 Feb 2012 Neighbor Discovery uses link-local addresses. (and static assignment) but SLAAC provides a very lightweight address configuration method 28 May 2018 This includes generating a link-local address, generating global the link. SLAAC requires no manual configuration of hosts, minimal (if any) 29 мар 2015 SLAAC — это способ, который позволяет устройству получить свой канала маршрутизатора типа link-local в качестве IPv6-адреса Много интересного: все начинается с генерации link-local адреса для Автоматически, без использования DHCP-сервера (stateles autoconfig, SLAAC) в RFC-5006 — «IPv6 Router Advertisement Option for DNS Configuration»4 Sep 2013 2) If it has the ability to do ipv6 routing, this is possible. You can do "ipv6 unicast-rouging" in global config to enable the ipv6 process. Then set up an IPv6 address on the interface facing the PC. 3) the prefix should be sent by default when IPv6 is enabled on the interface. 5 Apr 2015 1) Set Up an Link Local Only IPv6 LAN with Linux . Hence the stateless in the term stateless automatic address configuration (SLAAC). 22 Mar 2018 EUI-64 in Automatic configuration is the most important aspect of IPv6 You can find the global unicast addresses as well as the link-local

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