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Welcome to Monster Hunter Wiki Weapons Portal! Complete Weapon Trees for MHF2 and MHFU (To be done by User:Mckrongs); Redecorate the Weapon Template formats for Great Sword, Weapon Guides and Controller Schemes. Hammer: The "top weapon" in many gamers opinion. It is THE strongest weapon via raw damage, due to many powerful weapons exceeding the 1000 mark. 16 Jul 2009 30 Oct 2009 If you follow this guide, you'll surely have some of the best weapons at every point of the game. "Weapon Recommendations", is a very A list of the best weapon types in MHFU. It usually depends on preference so it will be fun to see what gets number 1 and last place. Contents[show] How to Read Bold means that, they are exclusive to Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. Italics means that, the weapon is in the 'Weaponcraft/Create22 Jul 2009 For Monster Hunter Freedom Unite on the PSP, a GameFAQs Answers Best SnS, twin swords, long sword, lance, gun lance, heavy bow gun, light bow gun 28 Jul 2016 Great Sword. Long Sword. Sword and Shield. Dual Blades. Hammer. Hunting Horn. Lance. Gunlance. 10 Dec 2009 Strike weapons can also do things that Slash Weapons can't. well,just call it Breaking. it breaks monsters parts that cannot be cut over. the best

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