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27 Apr 2018 The rune-keeper is possibly (I haven't decided yet, torn between it, warden, and LM) my favourite class. I've always liked Magic classes, even19 Feb 2019 2.1 Default Skills; 2.2 Benediction of Peace; 2.3 Cleansing Flame; 2.4 Solitary Cost: Unlocking the Rune-keeper costs 795 LOTRO Points from the the Rune-keeper compares well to the primary healing class (Minstrel) by 21 Jul 2017 22 Nov 2013 The deed requires 250 uses of "Visions and Foretelling" skills, but as far Caffain - 100 Warden || Caffonin - 100 Runekeeper || Caffanis - 100 31 Jul 2012 I have, some time after writing my guide, explored the possibilities of using another class while grinding - the Rune Keeper (RK). I would try a minstrel (dwarf because of the race deeds, but I port to Celondim after the intro): I 25 Nov 2013 Class tier deeds also have a daily limit on the skills used in .. Rune-keeper 5 TP; Complete Rune Master - Use any Rune-stone skill 125 times, 5 TP . I have another few weeks of vacation that I can dedicate to LOTRO! I am looking to make an alt so I can farm slayer deeds and farm lotro points theres guides to min-max LP farming, the ones I have read use a Minstrel I believe. I would recommend hunter/rune keeper purely due to range. The Unofficial Lord of the Rings Online Rune-keeper Guide. Important The short Rune-Keeper Class Traits. 19. Traits List . How Combat Works in LotRO. 24. 29 Jul 2016 15, P, Use any Runestone 125 times. ( Volcanic Runestone-icon.png Volcanic Runestone

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