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Manual lymphatic drainage encourages the movement of the lymphatic system, which reduces swelling and puffiness, induces relaxation, and improves the skin's tone and texture. Manual lymphatic drainage was originally developed by Emil and Estrid Vodder, both physical therapists in the 1930s. More ways to encourage lymphatic drainage Rebounding - jumping on a trampoline helps loosen and pump the lymphatic fluid throughout the whole body. Learn how to correctly rebound here.; Massage - Any massage boosts the lymphatic system by moving around the lymph fluid. An more affordable alternative to massages is a foam roller, which I use to massage my legs and lower back. Membership. MLD UK believes that to ensure a high standard of MLD is maintained, practice should be confined to those who have undertaken or are undertaking training through the Vodder, Leduc, Foldi and Casley-Smith.Membership will therefore be confined to individuals who satisfy the conditions. Lymphatic drainage is the natural function of the lymphatic system, which is an essential part of immunity.If this function isn't working properly, it can cause a build-up of fluid in tissues as well as more serious medical problems like lymphagitis and lymphoma.Though most of the conditions caused by poor lymphatic drainage are treatable, some require prompt hospitalization and immediate Lymphatic massage is a gentle pressure technique used to move the waste fluids from the damaged area. Lymphatic massage is one technique used to reduce lymphedema. Your lymphatic system helps Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) is a light but very specific hands-on therapy designed to reduce lymph swelling by enhancing lymphatic drainage. MLD therapists are trained in the anatomy and physiology of the lymphatic system to facilitate lymph drainage of the vessels. This type of edema is called lymphodynamic edema, and requires other forms of therapy due to the fact that it is a chemical imbalance. (Kasseroller, R., Compendi

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