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20 Sep 2015 Kanai's Cube's functions can be a bit misleading, so here's a simple guide This ability can be particularly useful for acquiring "The Furnace", 1 Jul 2015 A quick guide to how the new Kanai's Cube works, based on first hand . Furnace not appearing as an option for the DH in the Weapons tab.18 Sep 2017 So if anyone that crafted The furnace in cube would tell me if he used . yellow 2h mace and used with "Hope of Cain" recipe @Kanai's Cube. I just threw my furnace into the cube to extract the legendary power, and it was successful. The item was consumed and I got the message "the. 25 Feb 2018 What happens to extracted powers in Kanai's Cube at the end of a Season? Now that the Furnace's power has been extracted, you need to The cube is obtained from the Kanai's Throneroom located in The Elder Sanctum weapons, such as two-handed maces to attempt to create The Furnace. You'll obtain Kanai's Cube by starting a game on Adventure Mode and .. I destroyed a furnace to get the 50% bonus damage thingy, which I want to put on my 11 Sep 2015 This item was available in the cube last season for Demon Hunters, Attached is a screenshot of my cube, with no spot for "The Furnace".

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