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Jul 10, 2017 When you do, your stats will automatically be reset to what's best for your class. Archer Skill Build Guide Thunder Breaker Guide . Getting a mount requires doing a series of quests and paying a large amount of money (20 million mesosDec 21, 2018 MapleStory Striker aka Thunder Breaker Skill Build Guide V2 MapleStory Thunder Breaker (GMS) aka Striker (MSEA) aka ?????? Sep 1, 2018 is Ascen/Thunder/Gale still the best tri? i know people train with remember me reset password Check our Community Guides . because they can use the Tidal Crash Trick in the air to animation cancel their Thunderbolt Edit: I play on reboot. i'm using thunder bolt/annihilate/gale and thunder/ascension/deep as well, but those three are the most used skills for bossing/mobbing. . It's also the only skill that cancels all skill animation with no Thunder Breaker receives a complete overhaul. Their job advancement quests are similar to the rest of the classes, and they receive Hyper Skills with their level Oct 1, 2016 rezerba Level 215 Reboot Thunder Breaker 4. @ecyz: I'd say their +80% in damage from skills with a high weapon multiplier. Oct 03 2016 Brief bug summary: The Thunder Breaker Skill 'Flash' does not go through its attack More details: Normally, Thunder Breaker skills can be linked together for refuse to go through an attack animation, wasting potential damage and creating an awkward pause between attacks. World name: Reboot Thunder Breaker/Striker . Before taking on Pink Bean, the player must complete a series of quests in order to . Ariel is the strongest of all the statues and is resistant to fire, ice and lightning, as well as Triple value on Reboot servers).

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