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Multimedia State Contest - Mr. Kechter by Jeremiah Neitzel

For my Multimedia story I chose to do it on our Tech Coordinator Mr. Kechter. He is very well known in our community as being in our school system for 43 years and his love for motorcycles. Mr. Kechter has been a teacher, coach and a tech coordinator. I picked him because he is very dedicated in what he does.

See my photo album here; 

1. Where did you live before St. Francis?…


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YouTube channel name change!

Check out SFCHS Wigwam on YouTube for most of our iMovie projects.

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In their own words ...

Student Journalists tell the story of their contests in their own words. Hear what they have to say.


My contests were Theme & Graphics and Copy Editing. 

In Theme & Graphics, I used, “Why Not?” as my theme. It was kind of difficult to connect triangles to the theme, but I ended up finding a way to say that the triangle represents the three parts of student life - academic, extracurricular and social. …


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Find our iMovies by going to YouTube and searching for SFCHS. We are SFCHS2012Wigwam. (We began our downloads in 2012.

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See the Daily Blog

See our Daily Blog at:

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Hair Raising Halloweens!

The most memorable Halloween I've ever been a part of was when I stayed at home with my parents and watched all of the kids trick-or-treat. There were so many fun costumes and seeing all of the kids so excited about getting candy made for a very fun night.

- Hanna…


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The Struggle Bus by Emily Elfers


The Struggle Bus

You often hear teenagers saying, “Wow, I’m on the struggle bus today!” Have you ever thought about what “The Struggle Bus” actually is? Do you wonder why people say it? The Struggle Bus is when you are having one of those days when nothing is going right. There are also days where you just wake up knowing it’s going to be a bad day. From…


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Work, Work, Work

Workers by Clay.jpg

Work, Work, Work

 This year there are a lot more kids that have jobs after school then ever before; some not only have sports, they also work. Others do not participate in sports but have jobs instead. 

Some students have more than just one job; several have multiple jobs. Working 10 to 20 hours a week is Austin Patton’s schedule.…


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