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How to Use Guest Blogging for Natural Link Building

What’s better than a box of chocolates for a content creator?

You guessed it — the byline.

Nothing gives me a fuzzier, beyond roses-and-chocolatey feeling than this:

It gets even more romantic when my blog and name are featured in a prestigious site.

That’s what guest blogging is all about. Fame. Reputation. Success.

But it’s more than that. In fact, you can use guest blogging as a powerful strategy in your link-building toolkit.

Ready to dive…


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Ways to Make Your Smart Bidding Smarter

How and how often do you optimize bids?

The ideal frequency depends on:

  • Campaign goals.
  • The amount of data available to your ads and keywords.
  • Competitive landscape.

Still, it is safe to say that a regular bid review is needed.

Thankfully, with all the automation solutions, bid management can be systematic. Advertisers quickly get access to the same engine features.

That is not to say, though, that automation can take all…


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Types of Interactive Content to Attract Valuable Links

If you want to gain a competitive advantage from your link building efforts, you ultimately need to develop a strategy that sees you earn the links that your competitors can’t or at least those which they’ll struggle to replicate.

That means doing something different.

You won’t gain a strong competitive advantage through guest posting, resource link building or similar tactics, and even leveraging high-value PR approaches such as newsjacking are unpredictable given that you’re…


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Link Rot Affects Rankings. How to Fight Back

Google’s John Mueller recently said in a Webmaster Hangout that it’s not enough to create a site and wait for traffic. Similarly, it’s not enough to promote a site then sit back and enjoy the traffic.

Your links and rankings are being subverted by link rot. This isn’t discussed much but it’s something everyone needs to understand and address.

One of the ways to address it is through an approach the late Eric Ward called Link Reclamation. We shared a stage in a…


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Examples of What's Wrong with Google Search Today

Regardless of what you do with your days and nights, you’d be hard-pressed to never have used Google at some point in your life.

Chances are, as we’re off and running in the year 2020, you’re using the “free” internet database and information machine on a weekly basis – most likely daily – and for good reason.

Google is an information powerhouse, serving up billions of searches a day and many-thousands of searched per second. It is second to none.

Its “hundreds of…


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A Link Building Checklist to Earn More & Better Links

If you want to rank well in organic search, you need links.

Google has told us as much, revealing that links are one of the top 3 ranking factors.

Quality links increase the overall authority and trustworthiness of a page.

Quality links to multiple pieces of content regularly can increase domain-wide rankings with time.

Not too long ago, creating links went through a few dark seasons where almost every link we built was boring and spammy. No personalized email,…


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Ways to Drive More Calls – & Better Call Quality – with Paid Search

Oftentimes, calls can be seen as more valuable than forms.

Form fills still require a follow-up call – in which case a salesperson may or may not be able to reach the prospect. While with a call, the prospect is ready and waiting on the line.

Likewise, I’ve heard salespeople mention that they prefer calls to emails and other forms of electronic communication because they are confident that if they can speak to a person on the phone that they can close the sale – and possibly…


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Everything You Need to Know About the Google ‘Fred’ Update

Around March 7-8 of 2017, there was a lot of chatter that some sort of algorithm update was going on.

It seemed like Google was targeting low-quality content meant to generate revenue.

Google wasn’t talking. At least not at first.

In fact – even though Google’s Gary Illyes jokingly “named” the update “Fred” on March 9 – no one from Google would officially confirm the update happened until March 24.

So what was Fred, really?

Fred isn’t really an algorithm.…


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Google Search Patent Update

In this new weekly series, we’ll be looking at some recently granted Google Search Patents.

When it comes to search and SEO, there’s no easy way to know what’s in the black box that is Google. Patent filings can at least give us a glimpse.

It’s always worth noting that just because a patent was filed and granted, it doesn’t mean that Google’s using it. And if it is in use, we don’t know the thresholds or scoring values within the greater context.

All we’re after with…


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Ways to Increase Engagement on Your Facebook Business Page

You’d be hard-pressed to find a business that didn’t see the value in having a page on Facebook (more than 60 million businesses already have Facebook pages).

A Facebook book page allows you to tell your brand story, create relationships with customers and accomplish business goals – it’s a win all around.

Here, we’ll look at eight ways you can drive engagement with your Facebook business page, all without spending a dime.

Rather than post your content to YouTube, try…


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All Google Ads Campaigns to Utilize Standard Delivery As of May 2020

Google Ads is making standard delivery the only ad delivery method for all campaigns, including Display, Video, App, and Hotel campaigns.

Google Ads began migrating campaigns from accelerated delivery to standard delivery last October, starting with Search and Shopping campaigns.

Starting in April 2020, accelerated delivery will no longer be available as an ad delivery method for any new Display, Video, App, and Hotel campaigns.

All existing Display, Video, App and Hotel…


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Awesome Tools You Need for Your Content Curation Strategy

About a decade ago, the concept of content marketing was considered to be a novelty in the marketing community.

However, almost every marketer has now woken up to the fact that there’s no winning without it.

96% of the most successful content marketers have realized that providing valuable information to their audience makes their organization gain credibility as a trusted resource.

Having a well-thought-out content marketing strategy is the need of the hour for every…


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Google Makes it Possible to Temporarily Remove Sites From Search Results

Google is  the Removals report in Search Console with the ability to temporarily remove sites from search results.

The new version of the Removals report also includes data on outdated content, SafeSearch filtering requests, and information on pages that has been reported via other Google tools.

Site owners can now temporarily remove specific pieces of content from Google’s search results. This is useful if you need to remove pages from Google…


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How to Use Stock Photo Libraries for Link Building

Building links is one of the most challenging areas in SEO, and building links on autopilot is nigh on impossible if you’re not a huge brand.

So when an opportunity comes along that allows you to do this it’s one to grab with both hands.

This is the experience I had when we came across link building with stock photo libraries.

It combined two of the biggest challenges we face; building links and finding good photos for blog content we write.

As an agency that…


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Google Responds to Criticism Regarding Desktop Search Changes

Google has issued an official statement in response to widespread criticism of its recent changes to desktop search results.

Last week, Google updated the look of paid and organic search results on desktop. The most noticeable changes include favicons next to desktop search results, and a plain black “Ad” label next to paid results.

Google claims the new “Ad” label is more prominent, though many would argue (and have argued) it makes paid results virtually indistinguishable…


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Google January 2020 Core Update is Rolling Out Imminently

Being a broad core update, the January 2020 core update will impact all search results on a worldwide scale. It’s not an update that targets something specific that webmasters can improve upon, like the “Speed Update.”

Google’s guidance regarding this update remains the same as previous core updates. Google points to this blog post specifically.

When explaining how core updates work, my favorite analogy to reference is this one from Google:

Let’s break down this analogy. If…


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How to Evaluate Link Opportunities

It can sometimes be difficult to tell how much effort is reasonable, or if it’s even worthwhile to pursue a link from a particular website. Especially if you’re relatively new to SEO.

I was recently reminded of this while training an employee to find potential link opportunities. She’s great at the job she does a day in and day out, but she completely missed the mark on this.

Part of the reason she missed the mark was that I initially gave very loose guidelines. I like to do…


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Best AMP WordPress Plugins for Speed, Search & Tracking

If you want your website to load quickly on a mobile platform, you should make use of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) technology.

Fortunately, that’s easy to do if you’re using WordPress because there are quite a few  available.

Even better: many of them are free.

You will, however, need to invest some time to configure them properly. You might even need to make some design tweaks.

Still, it’s worth the effort if Google…


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Essential Schema Plugins for WordPress

Not all website elements are created equal.

Some matter – and some matter a ton.

So what are your site’s standout elements? Here are five:

  • Customer reviews.
  • Ratings.
  • Product pricing.
  • Recipe ingredients (if your website is about cooking).
  • Your company’s operating hours.

It’s pretty obvious to you how important these elements are to your site.

But how can…


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Bad Links That Can Get You Penalized by Google

Every SEO professional worth their salt knows that links (along with content) are the backbone of SEO.

Links continue to remain a significant ranking factor.

What happens when you get bad links on enough of a scale to harm your site?

Your site can get algorithmically downgraded by Google – or worse, you get a manual action.

While Google maintains they are good at ignoring bad links, enough bad links can harm your site’s ranking.

This guide will explain 10…


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