12 Labours Of Hercules IV: Mother Nature (Platinum Edition) Free Download [Patch]

12 Labours Of Hercules IV: Mother Nature (Platinum Edition) Free Download [Patch]

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About This Game

The legendary hero Hercules and his wife Megara are back, ready to embark on their next adventure! The Gods are outraged at their defeat and have summoned a fearsome beast who can match Hercules's god-like strength. The beast has trampled the countryside, turning lush gardens into desert wastelands! Restore the world's beauty by using everything at your disposal, from Megara's magical abilities to even a fire hydrant! Team up with friendly allies like King Midas and Epeius with his famous Trojan Horse to save Mother Nature from destruction.

- Over 50 levels with new music and a new story!
- Secret Challenges! Certain levels have hidden objects!
- Atmospheric wallpapers and integrated Strategy Guide
- Also features a bonus episode with a different story!
- Build the mighty Trojan Horse! 7ad7b8b382

Title: 12 Labours of Hercules IV: Mother Nature (Platinum Edition)
Genre: Casual, Indie, Strategy
Jetdogs Studios, Zoom Out Games
Jetdogs Studios
Release Date: 25 Dec, 2015


12 labours of hercules iv mother nature platinum edition

After rescuing Megara, after fighting the Cretan Bull and after Megara herself rescuing her husband, what will happen now in Hercules's world? Well, Nature seems to die around, Hercules is sick but recovers quickly before being confronted to his evil twin and after bashing Zeus, Hades and Hera (who were his previous opponents in the previous games), he has to rebuild a resort.

And why does Mother Nature do? Well..., during the five episodes, if you save the nature, you'll uncover some new paths... Well, your servants are still doing the gathering of food (whether from a farm or from bushes or from cheese on the map), gold (whether from mining or the gold on the map) and wood (whether from the trees or from the workshop or from the wood on the map). You still have to repair bridges, holes in the ground, cover lava or acid pit, remove (golden) teeth or horns, etc... You can still upgrade your workshops, farms and mines to have a better recolt, you can still build obelisks to the glory of Demeter, Hermes, Hepha\u00efstos or Apollo for permanent bonus, Megara is still used for growing bushes or pearls and Hercules for removing boulders, Cerberus for scaring ghosts, Pegasus for removing rocks, Medusa to scare Minotaurs, Cyclops to take sheeps, Charon to take floating ressources against gold... And you still have bonus that can be used for a limited time (stopping the timer, going faster, working faster, more ressources, one more temporary servant), during the levels. You still have thiefs, though they're not as common as before.

So what really changed? Well, now, Megara can relive dead trees or washes away oil spills. Hercules can open fire hydrants. And these actions in some levels can unlock blocked paths (because of fire, because of water, etc..). That's the major change in the game. Also, now, the evil twin can block the servants's path and only Hercules can give him a shot in the posterior. Two new characters appear also as merchants: Midas can give gold against wood or food while Epaius or something like that can exchange wood for food for example. And only Megara can negociate with them.

Otherwise, it's still the same way to tell the story, the same graphics, the same music, the same puzzles to unlock bonus levels and the same achievements as before. And for the extras, as it's a special edition, it's only a guide and wallpapers.

So, yeah, I wasn't really expecting a new way of playing. The new additions are nice though. It's changing a little the repetitive stuff (send servants to collect, etc..). Also, where you had a special final level at the end of each world, here, there is none.

So, the price is correct for the game. Those who liked the previous games will enjoy this one too. Those expecting more actions or twists will be disappointed. I've enjoyed this fourth game. And I do think that it's still worthy to be recommended even if there is no big surprise.. This is the fourth installment of the "12 Labours of Hercules" series. As someone who's played the previous three, I would say this is the strongest, as it incorporates all the elements from previous games, while adding some new mechanics. Here, Hercules and Megara have more of a role than in previous games, although the servants do most of the work (of course). What's interesting is how they've added other features , such as a "Midas Exchange", where you can exchange supplies or food for gold. There are new tracks to the original soundtrack as well. The gameplay is like the previous games, so if you haven't played them, I wouldn't recommend to start off with this one. Great for casual play to sneak in the day for a few minutes.. the worst of the series. Bonus levels are better than before but in my opinion this series is getting worse with every new piece.. The story continues. Hercules is saving the nature! Megara is ressing trees and cleaning up oil from the soil. More maps, same music. And Anti-Hercules, terrorizing the peasants.
I miss the boss fights. Still good!. I've always had a weird penchant for games like this one, there's something zen about the point and click and trying to get the best score\/win those achievements. For fifty cents, it really couldn't be beat. If you're looking for something casual that doesn't take a whole lot of thought, this is it.. Thus game is exactly like the previous 3 in the series. Adjustable difficulty withapproximately 45 levels full of timed puzzle solving fun. Great for kids but also fun casual gaming for adults... I'm in my twenties and love the week or so of gaming after work that I get out of all four of the games in this series.. This is a good game for the casual player. Who likes point and click type of games. The game runs real smooth. The story is good. I would definatly buy this game at full price. I got this on sale during the summer sale. Which made it an even better deal for me. If your a casual gamer you may want to check this game out.. Big fan, played all episodes. Episode one still has the best mechanics, you get stuff while being idle there, later you always have to click for income.
Game lacks a speed system, but is more fun for perfectionists and much more strategic with external tools running it on a lower speed.

Negative rating is deserved through the latest patch, the game now forces a connection to an online server spamming the menu with an ad for some other game - some "free" pay to win sheet.
Thumbs down to the devs for this behaviour, I don't pay for a game to watch you fukn ads.. Game Information

12 Labours of Hercules: Mother Nature Platinum Edition is a Strategy<\/i> game that was developed by JetDogs Studios & Zoomout Games and published by JetDogs Studios.

The fourth chapter of the game's series. Previous installments as follows: "12 Labours of Hercules;" "Cretan Bull" and "Girl Power."

There is a storyline for this game, but is not much to the story line, and nor it is memorable just like story lines from the previous games from the series. The gameplay formula is pretty much the same as its' predecessors.

Unlike, the other game from this series. This is the second game to be labeled as a platinum edition.

Game Visuals

I want to mentioned that the visuals in the game is well done. The visuals can be adjusted in the game's option menu.

Game Audio

I want to mentioned that audio for the game is well done. Even though the audio is somewhat simplistic and repetitive. The audio can be adjusted in the game's option menu as well.


This is a time management strategy game, where careful planning is required, due to limited amount of resources that are available; hence the words "management" and "strategy."

The game has five episodes with ten levels each. Plus a bonus five bonus levels for each episodes that can be unlocked by completing their jigsaw puzzle level.

There are three different difficulty game modes to choose from: Relaxed; Casual and Expert. The difference between these difficulty game modes is the scoring and timer speed. The relaxed mode no scoring and timer. The casual mode lowing scoring and slow timer speed. The expert mode high scoring and fast timer speed.

Three stars can be earned from playing the game on Casual and Expert mode. The stars that earned depends upon on how fast the level is completed and how much resources that are left in the resource storage bins.

The star ratings: Three stars (Gold) is when the game level is completed before the time passes the arrow on the timer. Two stars (Silver) is when the game level is completed as the time passes the arrow on the timer. One star (Bronze) is when the game level is completed as the time runs out on the timer.

There are several special power up bonuses in the game. These special power up bonuses helps complete the level much quicker. These special power up bonuses has a time limit tied to them. But they recharged automatically over time. These special power up bonuses are useful when the game is being played on expert mode.

There are twenty-two different achievements that can be unlocked from playing the game. Each of these achievements does come with some requirements that needs to completed before they can be unlocked.


There are nine different wallpapers. They can be access only through the game's main menu.

There are seven different trading cards to collect. The game only drop three of those trading cards. There are several ways to get the rest of the trading card: Purchased from Steam's Community Market; Trade with friends; Booster Packs and its' Booster Pack Creator.

Final thoughts: I have found the game enjoyable to a certain extent. The replay value for the game is low. I would recommend this game, but not at the game's full price value.

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