5-Tips to Kick Start your Digital Marketing Career

digital marketing career

Not to be confused with being a Generalist, a T-shaped marketer has one specialised area but have a vast knowledge of the domain or industry he/she is into.  You can’t rule out something as not your interest or not having to do anything with your field. Be it a non-marketing activity, or a hardcore digital marketing one, you can never predict when the boundaries blur, merge or overlap. It is about going into the depth of a field and when you have it, you can shift gears and gain a certain command, because nothing beats having knowledge and being a master of one’s field. 

Whether you are a content writer, an SEO executive or a marketing manager, having a visible and notable online presence can work wonders for you. Start a blog, launch a website or have something that you can claim as your own. Make your brand count when you appear for interviews and being asked to show some samples. A robust presence on the internet can be the key differentiator during the hiring and when deciding pay scale. A personal project would also offer ample opportunities for you to learn. You might make several mistakes, which later on can translate into an invaluable lesson for you. 

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