A Man Called Smart: Part 3 Telugu Full Movie Download

A Man Called Smart: Part 3 Telugu Full Movie Download ->>> DOWNLOAD

Original Title: A Man Called Smart: Part 3

Genge: Action,Adventure,Comedy,Crime,Family,Mystery,Sci-Fi


















































KAOS threatens the USA to dry up its entire water supply. CONTROL is temporarily taken over by its original chief Admiral Hardgrade.
Part Three is just as funny as Part One and Two. In fact,the ending is one of the best endings of all the GET SMART episodes, with a hilarious fight scene set on a movie studio lot.

Actually, this three-part episode, which apparently was supposed to be a feature movie, is one of the best, funnest GET SMART episodes of all of them. Adding William Schaller as Admiral Hardgrade, the first head of Control, gives a hilarious new wrinkle to the series. And, Don Adams, Barbara Feldon and Ed Platt are as funny as ever here. The only thing really missing might be an appearance by Bernie Kopell as Siegfried.

Clearly one of the funniest episodes of the funniest TV series ever created. In part three of what apparently was originally the script for the "Get Smart" movie, there's a great scene where the Chief is in the hospital and given the assignment to get peace and quiet. Of course KAOS tries to kill him which leads to a fight and a running gun battle in the Chief's hospital room. The first half of this show is easily as funny as the first two parts of the three parter. However, Leonard Stern's script lets us down a bit in the second half of the show as they search for the mysterious "TBO". The scene which finds Agent 13 (Dave Ketchem) in a washer is pretty funny, but then things kind of get flat as the trail leads to a movie studio in Hollywood (shades of "the Nude Bomb"!) where Max fights the KAOS ringleader on various sound stages parodying western fight scenes and sword fighting pictures (allowing Adams to briefly unleash the Ronald Coleman impression he would do the next season in "The King Lives"). Trouble is its just not as funny or clever (other than the endless sword Max pulls off the wall) as the rest of this three parter. The stunt man for Adams is also quite apparent. However despite the ending, this ended the series second season with a very strong run.


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