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The year is 1989. 12 years have passed since the Gogoh Army’s invasion of Earth. Exposure to alien technology during the war enabled Earth’s own technologies to take massive leaps forward. International conflict that was previously rife in the history of mankind fell to an all-time low, and the Earth Federation was established as a unified Earth government. The stage was set for an era of unprecedented prosperity.

However, the period of peace proved to be short-lived and was abruptly broken. The underground militant organization ‘Neo Loran Order’ appeared, hell-bent on establishing a new world order. Utilizing weaponry stolen from the Earth Federation, the Neo Loran Order launched a global assault. Now, the fate of the newly-formed Earth Federation hangs in the balance as it begins to fight back against this global menace.

• 7 stages of side scrolling mecha-shooting action!
• Customizable weapon load outs!
• 4 difficulty levels: Easy to INSANE!
• New for Steam: achievements, online leaderboards!

What the Critics Say:
“A ton of fun… marvelous” - Capsule Computers
“Near perfection” - Nerd Age
“Pure, tight, pounding action… challenging and rewarding” - Z-Giochi
“Mecha bullet rain across Earth and into space” - Gaming Trend
“More than worth the $4.99 asking price… jump on this one” - Japanator a09c17d780

Genre: Action, Indie
Nyu Media
Release Date: 6 Mar, 2015


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Very short game, but I feel it's worth it for the good price it asks. Good weapon variety, good challenge, visuals are nice, and it offers a few variatons on the standard gradius-style gameplay. Kind of like Gigantic Army in the robo-feel you get from it, but different enough that you don't feel like they're ripping eachother off. I should also mention a feature that this game has that's so rare in video games: enemies will actually have completely different combat AI depending on difficulty. They'll sometimes use entirely new attacks. I thought that was a nice touch.. Can't decide if it wants to be a platformer or a bullet hell.

Fails both attempts.. Pretty fun game, a twist on the mecha games with this being more like a horizontal shooter, solid, fun and challenging with plenty of achievments and a sense of reward, fun weapons and it just feels right when u play it.
For this price, you can't go wrong, just don't buy it expecting a platformer like cybernator, this is simply a horizontal shooter with a mech instead of a jet, still excellent btw.. Good shoot'em up but the game has short levels. Still , the game is worth buying during a sale. I was able to finish the game on "Easy" in under 30 minutes. 3\/3 Rating. From those awesome folks that made SATAZIUS. Glorious, satisfying, side-scrolling fun. :-D. Can't decide if it wants to be a platformer or a bullet hell.

Fails both attempts.

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