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Astral Heroes is a Collectible Card Game that's simple to learn, exciting to play, and deep enough to challenge even the greatest strategists. It's the spiritual sequel to 5d3b920ae0

Title: Astral Heroes
Genre: Free to Play, Indie, Strategy
Apus Software
Apus Software
Release Date: 20 Oct, 2016


  • OS: WinXP or later
  • Processor: 1 GHz or faster
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Graphic


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Could be great game if it wasn't tottaly pay to win.. hits my MTG fix.. Somethat mediocre collectable card game. The starter campiagin is alright, but suddenly you hit a wall where you need to consistently win ranked games to unlock daily quests. Don't expect to have a good time as a free to play player. Also, the game is well on it's way to dying out.. Astral Heros is a card game that uses a mix of mechanics you can see in other card games. There is nothing new or exciting about astral heros, it playes out like "yet another card game" and was therefore quite boring. I'd give a 5/10, meaning a mixed rating but since i can either recommend or not, i choose "not". There are so many new card games out there, and i cannot find a good reason to play ths instead of any other.. A hidden gem. i like it , simple , good arts , Free2play . ============= First Rate 10/10 Before Run ============= -3 > Low Interface , Low Action Effects . +1 > So Simple and Fun At Battles Stratgy . -2 > Music Not Good at All . +1 > Fast Run , Free For All .. It's a fun game but it has a stupid ing barrier you have to cross in order to continue playing it. All I want to do is play the campaign, but instead I first have to reach level 5 in PvP, which takes about 3 minutes to find a match. It's just a tedious process that serves no actual purpose but to keep you playing more. you Astral Heroes devs. Get rid of the level 5 pvp requirement.. This game blows big time . you MAY be able to get everything with out paying . but do not get your hopes up unless you do pay.

New version - 1.12! : - Spanish translation added - big respect to Hansi Rojas! - French translation updated - many thanks to Alexandre Rossi. - Guild bonus "Investments" nerfed. - Bugfix: rare freeze during card effects fixed. - Interface: player status autoupdate in the player search results box. - Interface: more convenient card upgrading. - Cards: astral price for Armageddon increased by 10.. Game updated to version 1.11 : Main changes: - Support for user-contributed translations, packages for French and Ukrainian languages included. - Bug fixed: wrong avatar size/placement. - Bug fixed: caravan battle doesn't start. - Some UI improvements. Cards were not changed. How to make your own language pack []. New version - 1.2a : The game updated with bugfixes and minor improvements suggested by players on the game forum.. New version - 1.2! : Game updated to version 1.2 What's new: View duel replays (all duels are recorded and stored on the server) Some cards are changed (see full list on the game forum) Inactive players (not played within last 30 days) lose 1% of their fame every week Magister title now gives +2 life in Custom Decks mode (regardless of the guild level) Caravan cooldown reset is made cheaper 3 new bots added: level 1, 2 and 3. Bugfix: wrong deck selection during the caravan process. ATTENTION! By default your replays are visible to all players. If you don't want other players to access replays of your duels with custom decks, please open game settings and set a tick to make them private. Private replays are visible to you and members of your guild (except recruits).. New version released - 1.1! : 8 new cards added. Player titles give passive abilities, including 3-color decks, initial health boost, card upgrade etc. Some cards were changed (see the full list at the game forums).. Spanish translation. : Looks nice, isn't it? Thanks to Hansi Rojas, who translated the game to Spanish.. New version - 1.13 : The game updated to version 1.13! Completed missions are listed at the bottom. Ukrainian translation updated (by Denis Nizhnik). Some AI decks were changed as well as their occurrence probability. Some bugs were fixed.. Game updated to version 1.01 : Main changes: Now the second part of the campaign unlocks upon reaching level-5 in any mode. It is made easier, so level-5 players can pass it. Search Players feature improved. Some cards were changed (full list below). Some bugs were fixed.

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