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Title: AtmaSphere
Genre: Action, Adventure, Casual, Indie
Mazen Games
Release Date: 2 Feb, 2018


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For Fun: 7/10 For Completing: 10/10 The game is challenging while still remaining fun to play. if you have some money to spend on a game to play mindlessly then its the game for you. I recommend waiting till its on sale because they're better games out there for the same price unless you plan on getting it for the achievements. Completing this game is not hard just time consuming. There are 30 total levels and most achievements can be gotten from just beating the game. Its an excellent game to build your score up and only takes 2-4 hours to beat for 100+ achievements.. This game is amazing. It's relaxing and intense at the same time. There are enough levels for the money and they have enough mechanics to solve out. BUT ofc there are bugs: sound issues nearly every 2 minutes of playing (sound pops up and lets explode my ears), on level can not be finished if you fail at the first obstacles (the one with the flying platforms at the beginning) because the won't respawn once they have fallen. If u bother to buy this game, go for it. I'm sure u will not be dissapointed.. OK this is a good game . check the price dude its almost free. BUT watchout achievements are bugs. They dont update during the game (you have to close and open the game to get them). like right now im missing an achievement that I should not (impossible to miss during ''story''). dev are present so just by that I think we should spend our money on this game. they care alot.. Playing with a controller (e.g. XBOX Controller) strongly recommended. Nice game about controlling acceleration/velocity and keeping balance. There are new kinds of platforms and obstacles constantly added level after level, so it doesn't get too monotonous and repetitive after a while. The levels aren't requiring too much skills. Not frustrating at all. The only halfway difficult level imo was the last level (Level 30), which you eventually also can beat in a couple minutes. Not nerve wrecking, but a little more challenging than the previous ones. Considering the price (get it on a sale in a bundle) and the initial expectations (not too high for a mini game), this game is pretty good and recommended. Bug Report: - Level 20: the falling platforms at the beginning aren't reset when you fall. You start from the beginning, but the platforms are gone. So you have to go back all the way back to the menu and select the level in order to retry. - At the earlier levles I noticed that the rolling big rocks don't even come when you reach a certain velocity. This bug is actually positive in the player's perspective. However, I didn't see that happen in the higher levels. Maybe I just couldn't accelerate enough, since it became more difficult. Note to achievement nerds: If you consider achievements an essential part of human existence, this might be your next 100% completed game.. Achievements: All possible. Pretty easy 100%. One of them took a few tries to trigger-- specifically 'Hey, Big guy!' (achievable on level 17). ** I recommend playing with a controller Pros/Cons: + Very relaxing-- nice ambient rain sounds and warm colors + Beautiful environment + Gorgeous music + Physics puzzles + Well placed checkpoints, very forgiving + New obstacles were gradually added throughout the game-- the levels never got too repetitive. + Pretty good value-- for $2.99 I got 2 hours of gameplay. - It was a little too easy-- the difficulty only ramped up near the very end. - My experience playing with a controller was different from my experience playing with a keyboard. Everything was very fluid with the use of a joystick. With a keyboard, controlling my movement was a bit more difficult. - Pausing/moving on to the next level/using the menu cannot be done with a controller. Overall: AtmaSphere was a fun little game. It managed to create a beautiful environment with gorgeous graphics and music. It was, for me, a very relaxing, calming experience. It inspired-- sometimes demanded-- patience. I recommend this for anyone looking for a fun, sometimes challenging casual game to wind down with.

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