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In the future, long after the Batman has driven himself into exile, his legacy lives on in the form of the Birds of Prey--Black Canary, Oracle, and the Huntress.
Now Gotham's Undercover Superhero Batman has disappeared leaving behind a daughter from his long-time love Catwoman. Her name is Helena the mysterious superhero known as "The Huntress". She has teamed up with the paralyzed hero "Batgirl" together they meet up with their next teammate Dinah Lance. Dinah is a telepath and psychic who had terrifying dreams about Batgirl's brutal accident. They must learn how to work together and become not only a team of superheroes but also a family.
"Birds of Prey" looks nice. The concept is sound. However, the show centers around the now tried-and-true Hollywood formula of beautiful women beating various men senseless. Memo to all screen writers: 105 pound super models are not always the strongest fighters on the planet. Sometimes, it is possible for huge, muscular men to defeat super models in a fight. If more time had been spent on original scripts, instead of working in consistently unbelievable fight scenes, this show might have been nearly as good as its WB counterpart, "Smallville."
The one thing I hear everyone complaining about this show is "it butchered the comics" and "it doesn't follow the storyline" Well, maybe if you people READ a comic that is more than a year old you would get a clue as to where all the characters came from. 1. Oracle-dead on according to todays comics. 2. Black Canary-lets face it folks, she is in the JSA, a group of OLDER superheroes (except one member), and getting Laurie Laughlin was a very beautiful, very excellent choice. 3. Dina-ok, this is one they tweaked. But if Lex Luthor is living in Smallville, then Dina can be made a teenager. 4. Harlene Quinzel-as stated in the beginning of every episode, this is in the future, she is going to be older! (and who better than Ferris Buller's girlfriend!) 5. Huntress-this seems to be a thorn in everyone's side. This is where you need to have read DC comics for a while. The Huntress in the show is from the pre-crisis DC universe. I admit, my history is a bit shaky, I am not sure which Earth (of the infinite earths) she is from, I think Earth 2. But in the Crisis on Infinite Earths (one of the best story lines ever) there is a Huntress who is the daughter guessed it...Batman and Catwoman. This is an amazing cast, and great stories. It is a show that throws you into a comic book world, and does so very well. I like the fact that people aren't running around in spandex! The characters, weather you like their origins or not, are well written. It is a shame to see this show going off the air.

BOP is best appreciated as an "Elseworlds" story; it exists in a continuity all its own -- apart from the comics, films, etc. (i.e., in this continuity, Joker is alive.)

The show draws from several sources: the comics, the films, and "Batman: The Animated Series" (cf., Harley Quinn and the voice of Mark Hamill as the Joker.) Judging from the costume that is featured in the opening credits, we're assuming that the producers are basing their Catwoman upon the one featured in the 1992 film, "Batman Returns" (In the movie, Selina Kyle absorbs the essences of the cats -- nine lives, ability to always land on one's feet, etc. -- which revive her after Shreck pushes her off the building.) "Birds of Prey" is not about either Batman or Batgirl. The show is about Huntress, Dinah, and Oracle (who used to be Batgirl.) The title of the show -- "Birds of Prey" -- pretty much says it all.

It is stated in the show that Batman disappeared after the Joker killed Selina. Bruce Wayne left the city and is in an unknown location, but he is still alive. In the comics, that was what led Helena Wayne to become the Huntress. In more recent years, however, the Huntress character was revamped as a different person altogther, and has no family ties to either Batman or Catwoman. Blame the network for that one. According to executive producer Hans Tobeason, WB had "issues" with Oracle and her chair (what's more, they tried to freeze her out of the show altogether by limiting her screentime.)


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