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About This Game

Chineze is the HSK (Chinese Proficiency Test) quiz trainer, with the aim to improve your Chinese vocabulary. You'll have an opportunity to choose exact level of HSK. Every HSK level has a number of categories for easier learning process.
Gameplay is quite simple: you need to choose right answer for given Chinese character.

- HSK vocabulary (Levels 1, 2, 3).
- Different vocabulary categories.
- Several game modes. d859598525

Title: Chineze
Genre: Casual, Early Access
Release Date: 12 Apr, 2018


I hope to see more development in regards to HSK 4-6, but so far so good.

It owuld be better if there was some written component, or if you could choose to not see the multiple-choice options. It is good to have multiple choice, but an option to turn it off would also be welcome.. I just bought this and took a quick look on HSK level 1 (I took that exam in march), and I'm already sure that I did nothing wrong here for 2\u20ac.
That being said, do not expect a professional software with voice input and what not. So far it's good to repeat some vocabulary.
Things I'd like to see in the future (since it's EA):

- HSK level 4-6 (of course)
- perhaps a nicer interface, it does its job however
- an "archive" where you can just look at the level-specific vocabulary lists, including pinyin and translations
- some kind of mode to practice writing skills as well;
I'll update my review as I use this software and hopefully also see it develop.

- EDIT: A problem I've just encountered is that after taking a test on HSK level 2, I'm being sent back to the HSK level 1 menu.
- EDIT: It's been a while, but the game has just been updated to include two new gamemodes on HSK level 1. As far as I've noticed it's been the first update since I bought the game, and honestly it doesn't add that much, but it does raise my hopes for more future updates. keep it coming ;)

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