Eternal Return Activation Code [hack]

Eternal Return Activation Code [hack]

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About This Game

This game will crush you.

Face merciless gameplay to explore a cursed castle, discover the dark tales of its inhabitants, and kill the gods of a decaying world. Eternal Return combines retro graphics and old-school mechanics with modern nonlinear level design and storytelling.

Survive to Explore

Slow pacing combined with tight yet unconvential controls builds stress, tension, and horror during gameplay, rather than taking a hack & slash approach. Players build their health, stamina, and arsenal up from nothing - and earn points by killing enemies to use special weapons to fight their way to the next shortcut.

Discover a Story

Speak to NPCs, find written messages, muse over paintings, and explore story-filled architecture to learn or infer the forgotten tales of the crumbling castle and its fading inhabitants - including yourself.

  • Starting with 1 health and 1 stamina to be built up by exploring for upgrades
  • Stamina management-combat
  • Unique controls for toe-to-toe combat
  • No Air controls! (How do they do that, anyway?)
  • Realistically-paced attacks for strategy rather than spamming
  • 3 primary and 3 secondary weapons
  • Gathering points to use secondary weapons
  • Returning to your place of death to recover points
  • Looping level design around only one central checkpoint with unlockable in-universe fast travel for great immersion
  • Locked doors and optional secret areas
  • Hardcore areas with invisible enemies and other crazy challenges
  • Secret healing checkpoints to help further your exploration
  • 9 NPCs with voice acting and subtitles
  • 20 Levels
  • 13 Bosses
  • 50+ unique enemy types
  • Discover phonographs to find the game's soundtrack
  • 64 colors!
  • Philosophy!
  • So many jars and barrels that need smashing.

Title: Eternal Return
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
Pathless Games
Pathless Games
Release Date: 24 Feb, 2017


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I'll not prolong myself. Sometimes we gamers and developers are not open to new experiences, we often avoid anything that isn't "player-friendly", but doing this we close ourselves to experience other kinds of emotions. Eternal return is one of those games that try to achieve something different, something that defies the norm. The lack of polishing works in its favor, creating a world that is hard even to move around. If it was the intention of the creator to create this feeling or he just accidentally did this, we may never know for sure. In my opinion, Eternal Return ask a question to us " Do we really love video games as a media for any kind of experience, or we just love to be spoon fed and gain instant gratification?"

If your answer is the first one, then you should play this game.

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