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Patrician III - sequel to the award winning game Patrician II - features advanced in-game AI, which adjusts its difficulty based on experience and ability. In this economic sandbox game you can gain wealth and power in multiple ways - what you will do with it is up to you. Invite up to 8 of your friends for a multiplayer session via LAN or over the Internet.

Become a fellow of the famous medieval Hanse trading association in the 13th century. Manage the politics, prestige and economic success in your city and the known parts of Europe! Create a medieval trade empire and expand in to encompass the whole Old World. Build warehouses, workshops, brickworks and much more to strengthen your financial position in the Hansa. Gain reputation in your hometown by developing its infrastructure with roads, hospitals, schools and become Lord Mayor thus gaining full control of the city. Be a famous pirate killer or become one yourself!

Visit the great cities of Hamburg, Stockholm, London, Novgorod, Oslo and more. Explore the Mediterranean as you build your trade empire. Hold galas to celebrate victory in battle and your town's growth. Run massive trading operations and cope with the consequences of enhanced seasonal weather effects.

You can raise your standing through town improvement and diplomacy or fill your coffers through piracy and smuggling. Grow your small town into a major trading centre wielding tremendous economic power today! 7aa9394dea

Title: Patrician III
Genre: RPG, Simulation, Strategy
Ascaron Entertainment ltd.
Kalypso Media Digital
Release Date: 18 Nov, 2010


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poor man's anno. This game is unrunnable on Steam. Apparently this isn't even a new issue, but Steam still sells the game anyway. I've hunted online for over three hours now and every "fix" I found did nothing. At least GoG tried to put out a patch for the game even though that didn't work for me either though the GoG patch did work for others. It's a pretty sad day when you need a patch from your competition to make the games you sell on your own site work. I am disappoint, Steam. Very disappoint.. Great game that will put you in the role of a trader, where you can be a simple trader or become the Alderman of the region.
The game offers you the possibility to trade the existing resources or create your own factories and be the one flowing the market with your production; be careful, though, stock can kill you.

You will end with a bunch of sheets of paper or style-sheet files to keep track of which city produces what, which cities consume what, or where to move production to keep it profitable.

You will see how the market changes as you are able to provide cities with products, how cities demand more by growing, how seasons change some of the demanded products; but keep happy the Prince or he will sack your cities along with pirates getting your ships or that lonely storm in the sea that can sink all your fleet.. Game is alright, a little harder to get into than the 4th Patrician, not my cup of tea yet the game works good from what I can tell.. I will never understand, why so many good old games from german producers are only with english language on steam - like this one... or port royale 2.

The game itself doesn't make fun nowadays. Limited resolution, bad interface, bad compability.. Best trading game out there.

I used to play it back in the day but I couldn't be arsed to find the CD/DVD so I just re-bought it on steam. Too much difficulty trying to get it to play. Never could. Would never recommend this game.. You like micromanagment? Building a town? Caring for its people?
You allways wanted to own your own fleet of ships? You want to trade and protect your village from land or sea? Raise the biggest wall and towers to keep your newly founded city safe? Take care of every need your population might have? Regardless whether it be food, entertainment, transportation or any of the many different things a big city needs to thrive?

Then this game is for you since you can ignore all the rules and become pirate king of the Hanseatic costlines.
Plunder cities and ship convoys. Be an ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥. Tear down the citie that your opponents have taken so long to build.
Because you can!...
Untill you get caught of course and realize crime doesnt pay :-(...
Unless you know what you are doing!!!!!

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