Because we are always trying to provide the most important SEO tips , and according to the latest updates SEO 2019, there are outlines on which you should put the action plan in your site. The most important are the following:

1. Content remains the basis, or, as it is said, “content is king”. All Google updates emphasize the need to pay attention to the content, and provide high-quality content that meets the interests of readers. If you are looking for the secret to success in the world of Google Adsense , the first thing you need to pay attention to is the content of your site.

2 - attention to the relevant articles, which is if Google in the past urges to link articles of your site smoothly and useful to the reader, with the successive updates Seo 2019 also find great importance to display relevant articles on your pages, according to Google guidelines for webmasters.

3 - with the successive issuance of Google updates 2019 we note the interest of Google to include book information, we find that professional content writers and the most present on many sites through writings related to the same field, enjoy their articles appear and rank better with Google, as a result of Google's confidence in the authors of those articles . Try to include in the article page information about the author, such as his image and his own accounts and areas of expertise .. Etc., Any interest in introducing readers to the writer better.

Find google urls in country wise list:

4- SEO 2019 updates do not require specific repairs on your site, however you should as a webmaster to follow all updates and reports periodically. If most of the Google updates make a partial change in the ranking of sites in the search engine, but there are some other updates are working to change the island is ravaging many of the most famous sites, so always keep cautious.

5 - There is no doubt that most updates SEO 2019 and also since 2018 emphasizes the importance of compatibility of sites with mobile devices and tablets. Recently, Google search spiders have been archiving and indexing sites according to their compatibility with mobile phones and tablets.

6 - Do not neglect the importance of backlinks and Social Signals, it has become one of the most important factors for the success of your site after the content, according to the latest updates SEO 2019, and significantly affect the archiving of your site and improve its ranking in Google Drive

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