The most memorable Halloween I've ever been a part of was when I stayed at home with my parents and watched all of the kids trick-or-treat. There were so many fun costumes and seeing all of the kids so excited about getting candy made for a very fun night.

- Hanna Bracelin

My most memorable Halloween was when we went to the haunted house in Colby. It was very scary and I hated it. I don’t do scary very well. There were people jumping out and I didn’t have very good time.This is my most memorable Halloween story; what is yours? - Coy Cassaw

My most memorable Halloween was last year. We had a big JH dance at the upstairs of Poling’s dentist office. Almost everyone went, therefore it was really fun to just have food and dance. We had never had a dance of any kind before that. We had a costume contest because there were quite a few who had actually dressed up.

After the party was over we had to take all the decorations down. When we finished with that a group of girls went to trick-or-treat. That was the most memorable Halloween. - Madi Tice

I’m in the Pleasant Hill 4-H group and it has been a tradition to go on a hay rack ride for Halloween. I believe I was in the third grade when we went to a haunted house instead of going trick-or-treating with the group. Emileigh Dinkel and I thought it would be fun to go through it, so we did. 

Emileigh and I came out of the house in tears. We were so scared that we told our moms to take us home and it was only 7:30 that night! The house wasn’t even that big, but there was enough in there to scare Emi and I quite a lot. 

Our moms told us that we were fine and we should keep going until the party is over because we'd forget about it by the end of the night. We didn’t leave each others side the rest of the time. 

Of course all of the older boys were making fun of us and wouldn’t let it die down at all. So Emi and I just didn’t talk to them for at least two months! My mom, now that I’m older, doesn’t forget to remind me of that night every Halloween. 

This Halloween the movie theater had Annabelle and so, since I’m too old to trick-or-treat,  Jylian and I are going to the movie and I can’t wait! - Reagan Beims

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