How to Build Your Brand's Authority with Strategic Content & SEO

Authority” is a buzzword in SEO and content marketing. Everybody wants it, but not everyone knows how to get it and keep it.

In particular, Google prizes  authority and is more likely to rank content that oozes with it.

Brand authority is that holy grail you achieve after months of hard work and consistency in building your online reputation.

There is no overnight “nobody to authority” story.

Instead, you need to have patience and keep up a well-formed strategy to earn your title as a cemented expert in your industry.

Content marketing is a solid way to build your online authority, but only if you have a plan under your belt at the outset.

If you go about content willy-nilly, expect willy-nilly, inconsistent results.

Meanwhile, a strategy does a few things to keep that from happening:

  • It keeps you accountable and consistent.
  • It lays out what you need to create the best, most authority-building content possible (including helping hands, tools, keywords, topics, and budget).
  • It looks ahead to your content future, helping you schedule posts and promote content around strategic dates, seasons, and events.
  • It helps you create the kind of content that will appeal most to your audience, and ensures you promote it where that audience will see it.

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