How to Identify Your True Web Audience

As conscious digital marketers, many of us feel that we know our customer base or customer demographics. These are the website visitors we think we want to reach and captivate. 

Are you targeting the right group of people with our marketing efforts?

Or are you assuming that since you have business coming in the door, you are reaching the right audience?

A sound understanding of not only your customer base but your current web audience base can help you to improve messaging, ad targeting focus, At a prospective client meeting the other day I posed the question, “who is your target audience”?

As an example, Dan, age 50, married with two kids, a great job and a suburban home became who I needed to advertise to.

So what do we do, advertise only to 50-year-old males with a higher than average household income with a website architected solely for this audience?

Absolutely not.

What we should be doing is gaining an understanding of our customer demographics by traffic channel as well as the performance of advertising by demographic segment.

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