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Jet Buster is a 90s-styled anthromorphic shmup, going back to the unusual shmups of the early 90s that were going against the standard spaceship fare at the time.


The year is 2182, it's been almost a decade since the Zeno Wars have ended, with the threat no more, civlizations all across the galaxy have begun to rebuild their society. One such civlization, are the weird humanoid animals living on what humans named, Earth "J", the home planet of none other than Makoto Kitsune, the rather odd Fox woman who helped win the Zeno Wars. And she's... a J-Pop idol?

However, peace didn't last long as... some mean-spirited animals clearly don't want her singing! Her tours being constantly ruined by some angry people, Makoto got mad, so mad, she became a crimesweeper, going on a personal vendetta against those who ruined her musical tours. This musical, is gonna be full of bullets.


Jet Buster is a more accessible shoot-em'up compared to the previous Grybanser Fox titles, where Normal is 100% serious about being Normal. Of course, there's always an Expert mode for those who are looking forward for a bigger challenge.

So simply, pick a character, shoot things, pick up coins OR transform coins into gold for those juicy EXTRA POINTS! And collect gold, to unlock more content.


- 7 stages full of cute, explosive, anthro action!
- Unlockables!
- An early 90s game soundtrack by HeavyViper composed on the YM2151 (That's CPS-1/X68000 for those unaware :D)
- Early 90s game visuals, taking some notes from certain developers of that era.
- Steam Achievements, so you can share your progress!
- Steam Cloud! So you can backup your scores and progress! 7aa9394dea

Title: Jet Buster
Genre: Action, Indie
Team Grybanser Fox
Team Grybanser Fox
Release Date: 24 Oct, 2017


  • OS: Windows Vista and higher
  • Processor: 1,8 Ghz Single Core Processor
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Graphics: Pixel and Vertex Shader 2.0
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Storage: 100 MB available space
  • Sound Card: Any
  • Additional Notes: May not run correctly with Intel HD integrated graphics units.


I'm a little biased, I love this kind of game, and I love this kind of music style. I loved the ending it was perfect. I am not done unlocking everything, yet but it seems to have some good replay ability. I've heard some people complain about the music not being all that great, but I thoroughly enjoy heavy viper's work. I think he is very very underrated, and deserves credit for making one of the best sound tracks, I have heard in recent history. It's very yamaha sound engine\/sega genesis feeling. If you didn't enjoy sega genesis, or games of that similar vein in the 90s you probably won't enjoy this soundtrack. You know, in reality the snes and genesis had very similar sound engine chips... so if you enjoyed either of those you are likely to enjoy this, if you like 16 bit tunes. Or whatever it is. I'm really in love with the sound of this game. I don't hear it often enough these days in new or um, indie titles? That's just my jam I guess, and I'm very glad I found this game. I'm not often the type to fall in love with a game. Like I've said before in my life though, when I do... I really really enjoy the hell out of it. I happen to be very into furry stuff right now, which is another reason why I like this game. IT came out just around the same time that I got into that more? maybe not more, but just yeah. I would say art style though, could probably in my opinion use some shading in the facial areas of the characters, or maybe just some detail enhancements or style improvements? SO, for that I give them a 4\/5 or a 9\/10. I love the characters, but I do feel like this artist, has a long way to go in terms of improvement. To me, it feels like this artist who design these characters is mid tier fairly new to art? That's not an insult at all. I'm not sure what exactly I'm trying to say here or point out, but maybe you're looking for a certain style to draw more like? And I get this feeling that it's semi-uninspired and bland generic furry art. I feel like, I'm looking at a my little pony poster circa 2012. Oh, you know what is actually wrong with it I've just now noticed. Um, it's proportions. The art is very nicely thought out, and drawn quite detailed and maybe my shading comment earlier was inappropriate and unnecessary. So, what I really think is needed, perhaps is to... focus on your proportion skills. Like, arm thickness, leg length, breast size, face size. They just need to match up a slight bit more. and then it would be just perfect i think. Anyway sorry for the harsh art criticism. I loved the game and the art very much, thank you for a great product. Would buy again. 9\/10. Will keep an eye on your game releases. For in the future. Again though(here's my fairly biased opinion or review of this product), Art stylings 4\/5; Music 5\/5; Gameplay 5\/5; Character selection\/store asepects 5\/5 cool idea. Difficulty and or ease of playing. Good amount of casual and hardcore aspects. Good balance, makes you feel welcome, as a noob and also satisfies the elitist in you. I like it a lot. One downside, I don't have enough money now to go see battle angel alita. : (. Solid indie shoot-em'up filled with anthros. Bright, colorful, and has an amazing soundtrack to go with it. Perfectly priced while on sale, which is $6.99 at the moment. If more content was to end up being added, then the original $9.99 would be worth it.. Dope scoring system (easy to understand, hard to master, based on cumulative ranked medals combinated with two type of command for weaponry) and (heavy & smart) bullet hearding based gameplay, that's pretty much all you need to know about this game.
Jet Buster truly shines into being a treat to the players, you surely will be hypnotized by the simple yet clever gameplay.
Less brutal on starter perspective than others Grybanzer Fox releases, the normal game mode is really beginner-friendly, and the arcade mode represent a real challenge for Shmup's veteran.

Grybanser Fox games, and more specifically Shmups are always interresting, often talented but also pretty simplistic in term of presentation : this one is trying to change a little bit the team's standarts on this respect.
Art style is a little bit off at moments, if not worse obviously, but otherwise you will not be disapointed : music is great (not to surprising from the Grybanser fox team, see their lovework on Zenodyne R) but right here we got their most polished games in term of details, reminiscent of Rocket Knight Adventures somehow (destroyed pigs that crashes themself to the ground for instance) : absolutely no complain about that.

So don't be fooled by apparent graphic cheapness, cause underneath their is a solid-as-rock, truly addictive Shoot'em up game that is amongst the very best on steam library, plain & simple.

Colonel says : if you are into STGs, you can't avoid this. If you're not into STGs, you MUST try it.
Join the "SEA" (Shmup'Em All) group on Steam!!!. I always liked these types of games, mostly in the arcades. The characters and shop make it more replayable, but I do kind of want to see more content in this game.. the soundtrack sounds like it came off the sega genesis

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