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Jumps is a fast paced first person platformer, the aim of the game is to finish each world in under a certain amount of time, you have a limited amount of times you can jump for each level too. Jumps has 6 unique worlds to jump through, 10 levels in each. Each world introduces exciting new game mechanics to figure out and master, including trampolines, cannons, rocket jumping and more! 7aa9394dea

Title: Jumps
Genre: Action, Indie, Racing
Kiwiforge, Timothy Vincent
Kiwiforge, Timothy Vincent
Release Date: 31 Mar, 2017


  • OS: Windows 7 32-bit
  • Processor: 2 GHz
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 1gb VRAM
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Storage: 100 MB available space
  • Additional Notes: Unless your computer is a potato, you'll be able to run this game.


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Amazing first person platformer indie gem.


Very cheap.

Amazing souundtrack ,visuals, overall amazing aesthetic.

Gameplay feel like liquid lightning fuzzing in your hands


small comunity

10/10 would buy again. Everyone shold try this game (not spon). Great game and the amount of time i spent on it was worth the 2 dollars and more. (i have many more hours on my laptop that i play on offline). Great game, Really cheap and really fun however it is very challenging and hard full of puzzles and timing,
I would strongly recommend this game but watch out, you might rage quit.. I was an early alpha/beta tester of this game and received the product for free since December 2016

This game is really fun, due to how fast paced it can be, and offers a challenge, by locking each world based on your time.

It's a Low Poly style [which, i adore!] and let's just say, if you want fast-paced parkour, PLAY. THIS. GAME!. Just an amazing game!
Looks good
A must buy for sure!. Controls: Very Simple, 8/10

Gameplay: Very Basic, relaxing, Very calm. Gets a little repetitive. 7/10

Movement: Very Smooth and Natural. 10/10

Price: $3 is a steal! 9/10

Levels: There is a wide variety of levels. 8/10

Overall Rating: 8.4/10
. I love this game. I enjoy going out and freerunning, and this somehow put that into a game... And it is amazing! The graphics are beautiful, the motion and style is incredible, there is too much to say about this game. If you have the money, buy it. If you don't, then get a job and buy it. If that hasn't worked, just find money, beg your parents if you have to, and buy the game. Speedrun and submit times to speedrun.com, and enjoy the awesomeness of this game!

10+/10 Rapha Points

Update (v1.1) - Trading Cards, Jungle Track and small fixes:
Hello, Hope everyone is enjoying Jumps!

Today I have a minor update for you all, see changes here:
- Added Jungle Track.
- Added "Music" menu with Artists + Tracklist.
- If you've already completed a world, you can now click "Next Level" on the last level of that world, making speed runs a lot less painful.
- Fixed "Master" Achievement not triggering.
- Minor UI bug fixes.

Jumps has a http://www.speedrun.com/jumps page, record yourself speedrunning the game, and submit it there to compete for ultimate bragging rights! ;)

If you have any issues or bugs, contact me here: kiwiforgegames@gmail.com

Thanks everyone for playing!
-Timothy. Patch - Various fixes:
Change log:
- Retro world and festive world are now locked until World 2 is completed
- Added "Next World" button to end of level menu for speedrunners
- Fixed random mode not including level 10 of each world and festive levels
- Fixed jittery movement for Train, sled and missiles
- Fixed moving logs (W5L7) speed being inconsistent
- Fixed Festive trees graphics glitch

Join the community Discord[discord.gg]
Follow Kiwiforge on Twitter
Subscribe to Kiwiforge on Youtube

If you have any issues or bugs, contact me here: kiwiforgegames@gmail.com. Small quality update - Rebindable keys, Random level mode, bug fixes:
Change log:
- Added random level mode that unlocks when you complete world 6 (Steampunk).
- Rebindable keys in launcher actually work now (Thank you Anda and Intelligence).
- The first level of each world now stays unlocked when you reset your times.
- Fixed lava not killing the player on Level 10 of the desert world (Thank you r00ster).
- Fixed cacti and spiked islands (Steampunk) not killing the player.
- When you unlock a new world you are now notified at the end of the level, ie: "Snow world unlocked!".
- Player now moves the same speed backwards as forwards.
- Small optimisations.

Join the community Discord[discord.gg]
Follow Kiwiforge on Twitter
Subscribe to Kiwiforge on Youtube

If you have any issues or bugs, contact me here: kiwiforgegames@gmail.com. RETRO UPDATE:

Welcome to the Retro update!

:jumptoken: 10 new challenging levels have been added.

:jumptoken: A lot of gameplay and graphical improvements have been added in this update, read the Change log below for more info.

Change log:
-Added Retro world, 10 new levels
-Added rockets
-Added seat system to help with riding sleds and rockets
-Added "Eject" mechanic for sleds and rockets
-Added wind effect to trees and bushes
-Improved snow particles and jungle rockets particles
-Improved material for sawblades and pine trees
-Implemented new Unity post processing system (v2)
-Updated "About" menu to "Credits" and updated it
-Updated info to "Music" menu for Festive and Retro songs
-Slight graphics optimisations

Thanks everyone for playing!

Join the community Discord[discord.gg]
Follow Kiwiforge on Twitter
Subscribe to Kiwiforge on Youtube

If you have any issues or bugs, contact me here: kiwiforgegames@gmail.com

- Timothy :steamhappy:. Keys for content creators:
Hello! If you are a content creator looking to review Jumps, send me an email telling me what you do and include links to your Website/Blog/YouTube channel, etc.

I don't just send everyone a key, you must have active viewers or readers of your content, so don't just think you can just score a free game >:)

Email: kiwiforgegames@gmail.com

. Christmas Update - New festive levels, Improved graphics:

:jumptoken: Jumps has just received a festive update, adding 5 new challenging levels with a Christmas theme.

:jumptoken: Jumps has also received a lot of graphical improvement and optimization since the last update in April 2017, too long ago.

:jumptoken: Next month I'll be adding a new Retro themed world, so look forward to that, Teaser.


Join the community Discord[discord.gg]
Follow Kiwiforge on Twitter
Subscribe to Kiwiforge on Youtube

If you have any issues or bugs, contact me here: kiwiforgegames@gmail.com

Change log:
- Added Festive world with 5 new challenging levels
- Added Sleds, Christmas presents, Christmas trees and Candy canes
- Added "World Type" selection screen
- Added sound effects for Buzzsaw
- Improved Post processing effects
- Improved various particle effects
- A few optimizations

Thanks everyone for playing!
- Timothy :steamhappy:
. Follow Jumps Development, Release 31st:
Hello! If you want to be kept up to date with Jumps development, you can follow Kiwiforge on Youtube and Twitter
Thanks for being patient!
-Timothy. Problem with Mac version:
All Mac OS users:

Jumps was experiencing crashes on Mac when launching the game. I've temporarily fixed this by disabling Post Processing completely, which means no nice graphics (Anti-aliasing, bloom, etc.) until I can figure out a solution.

I'm terribly sorry for the inconvenience, I will try to have this fixed as soon as possible.

-Timothy. Event - Beat the world record and win 5 Jumps keys!:
Hello everyone!

The Jumps speedrun[http//%26quot%3Bhttp] page hasn't really been given much love so I've decided to do an event, to build a community and kick start the competition on the speedrun.com page.

For the next 2 weeks, if you hold the WR on the speedrun.com page[http//%26quot%3Bhttp], you will be rewarded with 5 steam keys for the game, which you can give to your friends or do whatever you want with them.

Good luck! I hope to see lots of entries.

Join the Jumps community Discord[discord.gg] to discuss strategies and mechanics.
Submit your run on the speedrun.com page[http//%26quot%3Bhttp].

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