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Don powered armor as you take on terrorists and eldritch aliens in the not too distant future! Modify your armor to suit your needs and stand tall against your foes.

Title: Magikiras
Genre: Adventure, Indie, RPG
Hosted Games
Hosted Games
Release Date: 11 Mar, 2011


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I'm pretty certain the "Magitek" is powered by Robert Heinlein spinning in his grave.. Solid writing, interesting characters, awesome mecha combat and lots of content. Easily one of my top 3 COG/HG games. Highly recomended. edit - Playtime is low because I mostly play in offline mode.. Far from the best game by Hosted Games/Choice of Games. There are numerous errors, both grammatical and technical. At one point, a character's name just became "undefined." The game may end abruptly, just deciding that one has not completed enough objectives. Many paths are rushed, and do are not resolved properly if you follow them; either looping back to a decision that ultimately turns out the same (making it a false choice), or just ultimately going nowhere. If you want magitech, go for Emyprean. If you want battle suits, go for Mecha Ace. I'd not recommend this game, except with quite a large sale.. I was liking it well enough up to the point where I found myself reading a forth wall breaking bit of text from the author telling me that I didn't make enough right choices up to that point, so I'd need to start from scratch and make different decisions if I wanted to see what happens next. Just what is the point of a choose your own adventure game where the author pulls you aside to tell you that you made the wrong choices? I would have been accepting of a well-written bad end, but just being told to start over and do things differently feels lazy.. I am re-writing the review again due to research I did online regarding Magikiras. I spent 14 hours playing/reading Magikiras only to find a note saying I had not gotten enough points(done enough correctly) to be able to do the final chapter. Once I cooled down I decided to go online and find out just what do you have to do to complete the game in a satisfactory manner. Basically you have to think *exactly* like the Author did and choose the precise skills, equipment and tactical decisions he made, OR you go online to the guide and copy down that information. ANY deviation from "the Path" at any time will result in failure and starting over. FYI Magikiras has over 1 million words. So unless you are a person who is ok with one of the 2 options above, NOT worth spending your cash on. Ironically, the "Magic in a technology world" background he created is cool and if he had released it as an e-novel instead a COYA game book I would have been really happy with the purchase.. I enjoy the story, but the grammar and the wording can use some work. There are way too many "you" in the story. I read a sentence with 5 you's in it and the sentence after that have four you's. Making the flow inconsistent and hard to read. Overall I rated 4/5 since it is fairly priced for 1 million words, but 1 star less for too many "you.". I rate the text-based 'choice-of' game Magikiras 2/5. Bad. I wanted to like this game and there are certainly things this game does well (the writing for action sequences isn't half bad and the world it describes is potentially interesting) but ultimately, this game isn't good. It's a choose-your-own adventure on rails that offers few real choices and even fewer choices which any character could ever plausibly make. On top of that, getting a happy ending is HARD to accomplish. +Good writing. Action sequences are particularly well done. Your character's physical sensations are fairly well described. +A generally good story arc could potentially occur in this game if you can manage to get a happy ending. +Still a fairly cheap game considering how much time it takes to read through this game (or even if you skim through it). +/-Interesting attempts to insert brain-teaser style puzzles into the game though if I wanted to do brain teaser puzzles I'd play a game which was all about that (there are myriad on the market). +/-Vaguely interesting characters though many of them feel like 2-dimensional character archetypes. -Almost impossibly difficult to get a happy romantic ending out of this game. The main romantic interest usually dies (or you have to end up killing her yourself) unless she gets turned into a cybernetic automaton. Ugh, what a downer ending that was. Trying to get a happy ending (often in vain) is why my playtime wound up being 21 hours. I never really succeeded either. If your goal is to get a happy ending out of this game you could get quite frustrated. -Story can often end with a feeling that the plot is not adequately resolved with many loose ends in any case. -Very difficult to not get an outright bad ending out of this game where you end up dying (though it is good that the game resets you back to the start of that chapter if you do die). -The entire ghost/shadow enemy plot line and the whole idea of using magic feels oddly tacked-on at the last minute, probably to give the game several (obviously, mostly duplicate) story arcs instead of just one story arc. But the absolute worst problems in this game are: --A huge number of the choices in this game are not really choices but merely dialogue tree options which will always (except in one particular situation) lead you back to a main prompt so you can see everything that every character says about each particular, important situation. Some dialog trees reminded me of trying to read The Count of Monte Cristo wherein your character winds up having basically the same conversation about the same topics with every single character the author could readily think of. --Some choices allow you to choose things which your character should not possibly, realistically be able to choose. You can, (and due to how this game is constructed, you must) make choices such as which enemy type you will be fighting right before the fighting starts. Choosing which kind of enemy you will face right before you begin fighting is totally implausible. --You can also choose to skip huge conversation segments and entire dialog trees with no adverse consequences whatsoever (which is nice when playing the game multiple times but doesn't really make any plausible sense for most characters). --Regardless of which enemy type (supernatural or human) you choose is going to be attacking you for the duration of the story, the basic plot structure results in the exact same story arc and results in extremely similar battle sequences in extremely similar settings. Eventually, the story always ends up having you enter a warehouse toward the end of the plot and fight a big battle in a cave. NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO unless you die before that point. There is no true freedom of choice in this game. Similarly, in the beginning of the game there will ALWAYS be a fight on a train. The game's plot is highly linear and most choices are mere checkpoints which determine whether you survive or not or are otherwise largely irrelevant to how things turn out in the end. This is a choose-your-own adventure game on rails. You have just as much (and as little) freedom of choice as you would if you were playing Doom 3. Very linear and in standard modern video game fashion, which alternate ending you get depends almost entirely on what you do during the final battle. --As usual for these 'choice of' text based games there is inexplicably no back button so you can't simply go back to any previous page. You can only go back to the beginning of a chapter and that's ONLY if your character dies. Overall, a fairly frustrating, very linear text-based game with some good action sequences. At least it's fairly cheap but I think the lack of freedom and frustration ultimately overule that benefit. There's the makings of a pretty good 'choice of' game here though so I'd like to see the author continue working on this story and maybe release it again as a second, better, extended version. Or maybe go an opposite route; maybe it should just be expanded and then released as a fleshed-out, linear, old-fashioned novel rather than as a half-baked "game."

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