MiniOne Racing Keygen For Windows 10

MiniOne Racing Keygen For Windows 10

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About This Game

Admit it — when you were a kid you used the floor, carpet, walls, bathtub and even the dirt in your backyard to race your mini cars; didn't you?
Well those days are back and this time Mom won't be yelling at you for making a mess.

Now become the natural behind the wheel you dreamed about when you were playing with your toy vehicles.
MiniOne Racing is a thrilling racing game which lets players drive colorful, humorous miniature vehicles around various locations created by a kid: beach, playground... and even other planet! 7ad7b8b382

Title: MiniOne Racing
Genre: Casual, Indie, Racing
Release Date: 16 Dec, 2008


Cheeky little racing game. Quite nice :3. I'm sorry... But no... This is pathetic... Thank god I received it with a coupon, but even with that, it's sad...
Has trading cards
The rest (it shows I played 3-4 hours, but I just kept i running for the Pro I just mentioned )

XD sAlute!. THIS GAME IS BROKEN. why the hell did i waste my money on this crap.. Game doesn't work well with a controller. Race games aren't worth playing without one.. Horrible micromachine rip off game. Don't bother, there's much better alternatives on steam that aren't a waste of your time, like Toybox Turbos.

Get that instead, it's just a buck or more than this atrocity (during the summer sale) and well worth it.. This is a great little game, I got it to play with my young niece ( she is 5 and just getting into pc gaming ) and this is perfect. 10\/10 for family for \/ addictive time runs.. A fun throwback to games like Micro Machines and RC Pro Am. It controls pretty good with a keyboard and the mini cars and pickups are all in a real toy style. The tracks are very varied and richly detailed.

I had fun playing this with little niece, if you have small kids (or are a kid at heart yourself of course!) this is a good purchase.

There is no controller support built in but using a mapping tool works well, although as said the keyboard controls work fine for a casual top-down view racing game like this.

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