Multimedia State Contest - Mr. Kechter by Jeremiah Neitzel

For my Multimedia story I chose to do it on our Tech Coordinator Mr. Kechter. He is very well known in our community as being in our school system for 43 years and his love for motorcycles. Mr. Kechter has been a teacher, coach and a tech coordinator. I picked him because he is very dedicated in what he does.

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1. Where did you live before St. Francis?

I was born in Burlington, Colorado, and grew up on a farm southeast of Joes, Colo.

2. Where did you go to college?

I attended Liberty Schools (Kirk and Joes, CO), Northeastern Junior College (Sterling, CO), and the University of Northern Colorado (Greeley, CO).  I have post-graduate hours from MANY other colleges and universities.

3. What made you fall in love with technology?

I have always been interested in learning and doing new things.  It is amazing to me what can be done applying the wisdom of man gained over the centuries.  I’m not sure I have a “love” of technology, it’s just interesting and often amazing.  At times it can be very frustrating!  When you think of the many ways technology has made our world improved, it’s awesome.

4. How did you find St. Francis? As in your teaching career.

St. Francis found me.  When I was looking for a teaching job, I applied many places.  One day, I received a phone call from Carl Sperry (then the superintendent at St. Francis)  asking if I would be interested in an opening teaching junior high science.  He had found me by visiting with university personnel.  I came for an interview, and was offered the job.  The rest is history.....I’ve been working at the school for 43 years in various capacities.

5. What was your first motorcycle?

My first motorcycle was a 1971 Yamaha DT1 250 Enduro.  I wish I had kept it!  I now ride a 2008 Yamaha Raider S.  It has taken me over 31,000 miles, and to 10 different states.  I also completed my first Iron Butt ride on it (1016 miles in one day).  I’m always dreaming about another machine, but I love my current bike.

6. You were a big part of the motorcycle museum elaborate on the sense of joy you had once you found out it was coming to St. Francis?

The idea for the motorcycle museum originated in 2013.  Several local individuals and an avid motorcycle collector discussed the possibility of creating a museum as a community project to benefit St. Francis.  Funds were solicited, and on April 2, 2015, construction began.  The museum is now open and many visitors have already come to the museum.  The museum recorded visitors for two foreign countries within the first two weeks of being open.

     I am extremely pleased that the museum has advanced to this point so quickly.  The progress has been amazing!  MANY community members, as well as many from outside Cheyenne County, have made major contributions in many ways.  Donations of dollars, time, labor, equipment, display items, etc. have come from many different sources and are all very much appreciated.  The museum is funded ENTIRELY by donation and is a 503(c)(3) non-profit organization.  The museum is staffed by volunteers daily.

    I guess it makes some of those long meetings, work nights, evenings researching data or creating the museum website ( , or days in freezing cold tearing down old buildings for construction materials worth it.

    I am very proud of the museum!  I think the community should be also.  The museum houses motorcycles from several collections and contains motorcycles that are very rare and unique.  I hope the museum helps St. Francis continue to be a productive thriving community in the future.  At least that was our intent when we first met during the initial planning stages.  Visitors from a wide area have already been to the museum, and several large groups have scheduled future visits.  

    This is a community is YOUR museum.  I hope the community gets a sense of pride from it also.  Plan your visit soon!

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