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About This Game


  • Single player.
  • Controller recommended.
  • Metroidvania style action/RPG gameplay.
  • Multiple endings
  • Steam Achievements! Not only will you further your quest for self-validation, you'll show the masses that your MURICA is best MURICA!


After being shot through a wormhole by your smart TV, you wake up to find yourself in MURICA. An alternate version of our United States 2,000 years in the future.

Your journey begins atop the GREAT WALL of MURICA on the Canadian border.
It was only a matter of time before the MURICANS deduced everyone was out to get them. Better to wall the whole country up... for freedom of course.

All humans are gone.
There are plenty of cyborgs, and a few clones to boot. There's a bit of tension in the air as cyborg dominated MURICA is considering legislation to vent earth's atmosphere into space in response to 'the air-pollution crisis created by solar power'. Although cyborgs don't need to breathe, clones do.

Your body was exploded on the trip here.
Due to staffing cuts at the US of MURICA Department of Teleportation and Stuff there was an oversight by outdated AI, and your body didn't make the trip. Your soul has been downloaded into a Type-77 clone as a temporary replacement. You're welcome.

As a human, you're not welcome.
Nobody can remember when or why all people were made illegal. Something about freedom... or maybe security. At any rate cyborgs will be after you. Luckily your soul is stuffed into a clone for the time being, and yes... we know, we know, you're upset about your former body. Don't worry, there's sort of a chance at a shot at maybe getting your real body back. Don't be so hyperbolic, point is nobody knows who you are yet, so as a clone you should be safe. For now.

Travel across MURICA looking for a way home.
The way home isn't clear, but you're told the people at the US of MURICA Department of Teleportation and Stuff would be the only ones with the power to send you back. Their offices are located in what used to be Washington DC, hundreds of miles away. But don't worry, we're sure you won't get roped into some grandiose plan to save a bunch of interconnected universes including this one. Nope, just straight to DC.

Things you'll do in MURICA.
Over the course of your travels you'll see many places and meet many 'people', get involved in the culture, maybe accidentally start a religion. Heck, you might even make some friends and decide to stay a bit longer than you planed. To see some things through. a09c17d780

Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG
Acme Pixel Foundry
Acme Pixel Foundry
Release Date: Dec 2019


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