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About This Game

Welcome back to the 1980s, the good old times for gaming!
When games and toys were pure fun and the world was much happier and less complicated!

This game pays tribute to our childhood, when toys were still our major entertainments and digital games just started to flourish!
With old school pseudo-3D driving crossing-over with child racing dashboard toy, comes with a nostalgic experience!

Major Game Features:

Dashboard toy setting:
Remember that dashboard toy you used to own and play all day? Now this is your second chance to relive that moment of childhood!

Nostalgic retro graphics:
Fully immerse yourself back to the 1980s with pixel art graphics! Psuedo-3D at its best!

1980's chiptune music:
Listening to these soundtracks alone will immediately bring back all those good memories!

Test of your skills:
There are 15 stages to conquer with 5 different endings based on your score! Can you manage to unlock them all?

And much more! 7aa9394dea

Title: MY 1980's DASHBOARD
Genre: Casual, Indie, Racing, Simulation, Sports
Pippala Games
Pippala Games
Release Date: 12 Feb, 2018


"Authentic but not much more."<\/i><\/b>
Well My 1980's Dashboard is like an 80's dashboard. But unfortunately as it is 80s authentic, not near as good as\/watch?v=Qs43YwfGs1k\" target=\"_blank\" rel=\"noreferrer\" >Lotus III: The Ultimate Challenge<\/a>. Which I'd love to see on steam finally. Dashboard nostalgics will definitely appreciate it, anyone "younger" surely won't really. Thumbs up because of the nostalgic 80s try. If you enjoy such games, try Slipstream<\/a>.

+ 80s dashboard feeling
+ okay controls
+ okay sound\/music
+ pixel graphics

- not as good\/watch?v=Qs43YwfGs1k\" target=\"_blank\" rel=\"noreferrer\" >Lotus III: The Ultimate Challenge<\/a>
- monotonous
- no splitscreen
- no controller support
- non-authentic "VGA"(car) meets "SVGA"(street) visuals

Gamers from the 90s and above can skip this.<\/b>

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