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Original Title: Night Ambush

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Led by British officers, partisans on Crete plan to kidnap the island's German commander and smuggle him to Cairo to embarrass the occupiers.
1944 on Nazi-occupied Crete. The Nazis truly believe that the Cretans are indeed cretins. As such, many of the Cretans work alongside some of the few native English for the resistance against their Nazi oppressors. One of those English is Major Patrick Fermor. Along with Captain W. Stanley Moss, who he recruits from the British forces stationed in Cairo, Paddy's latest mission is to kidnap Major General Kreipe, the head of the Nazi forces on the island, and transport him alive to the Allied base in Cairo. The move is solely one to embarrass and thus demoralize the Nazis by having the "inferior" Cretans pull off something this big over the Nazis. Kidnapping Kreipe, keeping him safe during the transport to the coast, and getting him onto the ship in the open coastline without being detected by the Nazis all have their challenges. On Paddy and Moss' side is that they have the cooperation of most Cretans who, despite possible harm to themselves, largely help them in this mission, and that as such they have a better understanding of the nooks and crannies to hide Kreipe than the Nazis, especially in the mountains. Among the obstacles they face are: having sporadic contact with their primary communications officer, Sandy, who is holed up in a cave in the mountains; Kreipe perhaps finding a weak spot in their armor, especially in playing off even one poor Cretan who may fall prey to the possibility of a bigger individual payoff; and a deficiency unearthed in both Paddy and Moss' military training.
Like 'Spleen', I first thought that we were seeing genuine Cretan landscapes. But what puzzled me was not being able to recognise any of it - even allowing for change - especially the coastline where Moss and his party landed. (In his book, he refers to a distinctive landscape) A little digging - on this site- revealed that the film was made in France and Italy with no mention of Crete. The title, 'Ill met by moonlight' surely refers to the 'meeting' of Kreipe and his abductors. The film couldn't really show the fact that Leigh Fermor and Moss et al attempted the abduction on the four evenings that preceeded the actual abduction. The earlier attempts were abandoned because Kreipe came along whilst it was too early for moonlight! (one wonders why was it necessary to change the title for the US market?) I thoroughly enjoy the film, watch it every opportunity and each time pick up something that I've missed previously. However, I cannot help but wonder how much better it might have been if the writers had stuck more closely to the original script throughout. They had informed advisers available, Micky Akoumianakis was a true participant, and Houseman was in Crete as an British agent for a long part of the occupation. Though thoroughly grounded in fact, the few 'elaborations' detract from what was surely a solid enough story to stand on its own.

Regardless of the differences, I continue to regard the film as one of my most favourites. This story, which i found a lot better than everyone else who has posted, is neither the final film from The Archers, or what was left of them, the two principals (see 'They're a Weird Mob' of 1966 and 'The Boy Who Turned Yellow', 1972), nor their worst film, nor Pressburger's alone, as some have claimed. I can't see how this film, which is neither predictable nor unsuspenseful, can be graded lower than the Graf Spree/River Plate disaster, which includes a big scene in it wherein the main characters sit around a table and describe the end of the German warship rather than show what they're describing because the producers ran out of money! THAT is pretty ignominious, compared to this minor little thriller that is, i just remembered, also NOT Dirk Bogarde's worst film! He made a few clunkers in the '60s nowhere near as interesting as this story of the people of Crete, under immense duress due to the presence of the uninvited English army, which was bombarded throughout the story by Germans who were also piling up large numbers of collateral Cretan damage in the process. It's a wonder the Cretans didn't throw the Brits out just to save their own necks. Now, that is the situation underlying the several subplots we see played out, an astonishing one most of the other reviewers seem not to have caught.

A far more memorable war romance than most Powell-Pressburger aficianados apparently think it.


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