PAYDAY 2: John Wick Weapon Pack

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A Professional’s Arsenal

Assassinating a target can be done in as many ways as imaginable, but when efficiency and precision is key the assassin need some tools of the trade. Guns, when used right, can yield the best desired results for the professional killer.

And this pack has one for every occasion...

The John Wick Weapon Pack comes with 4 New Weapons, 4 Masks, Materials, Patterns and of course plenty of Achievements.

Key Features

Sniper Rifle - Desertfox – The Desertfox, is a high powered Sniper Rifle. Originally designed for desert combat, it wields remarkably well in urban environments. The bullpup design and steady handling makes it a perfect fit on each assassin’s long range gun rack.

Comes with the following mods:
  • SI Barrel
  • CQ Silencer

Pistol - Contractor Pistol – The Contractor is the choice of professionals. Often stated that if you see someone carrying it, you better run. Sleek design and simple handling makes it easy to carry as the heat comes down..

Comes with the following mods:
  • Liquid Compensator
  • Extended LP Magazine
  • Steel Sight

SMG - Jackal Submachine Gun – The Jackal Submachine Gun is a popular and much sought after SMG due to its high caliber. A caliber that makes sure that your target stays down. The sheer amount of Modifications makes it highly customizable, and there’s a fit for every assassin out there.

Comes with the following mods:
  • Civilian Barrel
  • Extended Magazine
  • Short Magazine
  • Silentgear Silencer
  • Civilian Stock
  • Folded Stock
  • Twinkle Grip

Throwing Knife – Even pros run out of ammo - but that’s where the throwing knife comes into play. Accurate, sturdy but still light. Perfect for when silence if of the essence or there’s no time to change mag.

Four new masks

Four new patterns

Four new materials

4 new achievements to unlock 1075eedd30

Title: PAYDAY 2: John Wick Weapon Pack
Genre: Action, RPG
OVERKILL - a Starbreeze Studio.
Release Date: 20 Oct, 2016


  • OS:Windows 7
  • Processor:2 GHz Intel Dual Core Processor
  • Memory:4 GB RAM
  • Graphics:Nvidia & AMD (512MB VRAM)
  • DirectX®:9.0c
  • Hard Drive:31 GB HD space
  • Sound:DirectX 9.0c compatible


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