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Qubes is an online 1v1 game where fast thinking, speed and focus are at the core of the gameplay experience. Challenge a friend or a random player in a match with a set of randomly generated rules, and remember to use the powerups around the map. Color the majority of the map to win the round. The first player to 3 rounds wins the match!


Two players face each other in an arena where they control a cube, by rolling it around they can color the map tiles with their color. But every certain amount of rolls both cubes turn green and will color the map tiles of green, to then turn back to the original colors (check below for a description of the green function). At the end of a round the player that has colored the majority of the map with his color wins. A round ends when the time runs out or the entire map has been colored.

Two different game modes can be played, the standard one with a dynamic ruleset, or a custom one where players can decide the rules and maintain them for the entire match;

Currently the dynamic rules that can be encountered are the following:

  • Map type: static or dynamic, this defines if the map after being colored can be recolored by the other player;
  • Green effect: this rule defines if the green colored tiles will get destroyed or will stay after being colored;
  • Round length: length of the round expressed in seconds;
  • Normal rolls: number of rolls each player has to do with their color;
  • Green rolls: number of rolls each player has to do with the green color;

During a match different powerups can spawn around, each one as a different effect that might affect you or the enemy player, such as:

  • Row or line colorers: powerups that can color an entire row or column;
  • Speed modifiers: powerups to speed you up or to speed down the enemy;
  • Snowflake: powerup to freeze your opponent;

Title: Qubes
Genre: Casual, Early Access
Release Date: 15 Mar, 2019


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Very solid game, considering that it was created by an indie developer! It is fun to play and the gameplay is easy to understand. What really helped me is the mode you can play against the AI. It definitely boosted my confidence easily beating the socalled "easy" AI after getting rekt by a friend multiple times in a row.
On a sidenote I have to add that the soundtrack is awesome and really fits the futuristic theme of the game design.

Official Discord Server:
Hey guys, from today you can join the official Qubes discord server to get in touch with me and stay updated with the latest news about the game. Also on the release day i'll be giving aways some free game keys there!

Invite link here: https://discord.gg/b3cX58K. Qubes is now out in Early Access:
Qubes is finally available on steam!

The release price is set to 4.99$ with a release discount of 15% the first week!

The currently available features are:

  • Online 1v1 mode;
  • Offline 1v1 mode against easy or medium AI;
  • 8 different maps;
  • 6 different powerups;

Features available in the next updates:
  • More maps and powerups;
  • Hard difficulty AI;
  • Qubes color variations with steam market integration;

If you want to get in touch with me, ask questions or report a bug you can join Qubes Discord server at: https://discord.gg/b3cX58K

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