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Revulsion is the missing link between old school classic first person shooters and modern day first person shooters. Imagine if the classic fps had evolved in a direction o 5d3b920ae0

Title: Revulsion
Genre: Action, Indie
Russell Meakim
Russell Meakim
Release Date: 18 Feb, 2019


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10 x64
  • Processor: Intel Core i7-950 (4 *


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this here is the real deal. old school FPS action, Souls-like progression, loot/crafting that would fit right at home with modern "AAA" games. to be honest i bought this on a whim with my trigger finger ready on the refund button. voxel graphics, zombies, low rent production. i've been burned on this type of thing so many times before. but this is one instance where the game lived up to the pitch. hats off to the creator. an amazing game here caveat is it takes about an hour to get into the groove of things. most mechanics aren't spelled out - which is good in a way, no annoying tutorial overlays disrupting you - but it takes some time figuring things out if you try and play it like doom, quake, ect off the bat but anyway great game.. Enjoyable game with a hard difficulty. The developer is friendly and he listens to feedback.. Revulsion 2 confirmed :P. This game is a must buy, stick around for more!!!. Awesome game!. Way better than Anthem.. truly god awful performance and very minimal content. truly worth $5 max.. Boring, characterless, ugly and often annoying enemies. Similarly characterless maps. Pointless gimmicky voxel art design. Depressing tuneless ambient music and/or depressing generic "heavy" rock, depending on the area and occasional but significant FPS drops, even with everything turned down. These drops don't really hamper proceedings but lesser rigs might suffer more. So they're worth mentioning. YMMV. **The shooting's decent but any potential is smudged by the drab setting and the painfully amorphous enemies.** So, you have your map, which you traverse gaily and while double jumping merrily on your way, you set off switches, grab spawn triggering objectives, funnel enemies into choke points and roller bomb the poo out of them. This is doctor jekyll. Then, you have the power node fights. You need to complete these to unlock the next area. These . are Mr Hyde. They section you off (you can leave but it resets the fight) on a small part of the map while things run at you, shoot at you, look meanly at you etc. etc. (Sound familiar? Yea, I bet it does) until through furious dodging and skilful aim, you emerge the victor . or . maybe you just find a ledge where they can't reach you and roller bomb the poo out of anything that can't fly. Regardless, you might fare 10 x better with a particular weapon due to a certain enemy type but you won't know that the first time and you'll probably die, which will reset the whole map, which you will need to traverse (gaily) again to get your loot back . and you better not die this time or you will lose it all. Now, you don't want this because you're going to need that loot (and probably more - hello grind) to make the weapon, to kill the thing, that put you in this loop . tralalalala. It's not actually as grindy as it sounds but it is as boring as it sounds. This kind of cycle might be alright if you felt there was any pay off coming or if it was entertaining . but there isn't and it's not . and unfortunately the rpg elements mainly boil down to keeping your gear levelled up. You can add health or speed or resistances and some other "stuff" but it doesn't quite spice things up enough. The dev does patch it a lot and it has seen improvements but I'd say, if it piques your interest, get it before the promised price hike and preferably with a discount. It does scratch a shootery itch (as you can see from my play time) but with hindsight I can't recommend it. Your time could be being killed in a much more engaging manner, for a similar price.. Now my first review was super negative and I still think the game is a bit to flawed and unsteady. But get this, Revulsion is a hardcore souls inspired game to a point where its not even logically possible. The new update was very nice but many things are way to OP and lethal and have extreme reflexes and skills. I like the mechanics of it, a lot, but it really hurts the entire focus when its XP, loot, data and resource farming in each area. Revulsion holds promise if it fixes a lot of the milk the system and amped up enemies or their god like anatomy resistance to reality. Know this the game is hard, I wouldnt even call it a game, hell would be more fitting, its fun but man will it you over without trying and thats not cool.

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