Rosenkreuzstilette Freudenstachel Full Crack [Xforce]

Rosenkreuzstilette Freudenstachel Full Crack [Xforce]

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About This Game

Step into the shoes of Freudia Neuwahl, a cool and collected young woman on a mission to save her best friend from an Imperial witch hunt.

"Rosenkreuzstilette Freudenstachel" is the sequel to "Rosenkreuzstilette", a level-based 2D side scrolling action game for PC.


Thousands of years have passed since "magic" was lost to the people. Now there are but a few who even know of its existence. Those who possessed magical abilities were faced with persecution.

Several months have passed since Count Zeppelin's ill-fated rebellion against the Holy Empire and the Orthodox Church. Rebuilding the damage caused by Rosenkreuzstilette, the Pope issues a solemn decree: that all Magi are to be considered menaces to society and enemies of the state. Establishing his own strike force of magic-users loyal to the faith, Schwarzkreuz, the Pope and his followers set out to put an end to the last of the resistance.
Spiritia Rosenberg, the plucky young woman responsible for quashing the Count's uprising, is among the first to be captured during Schwarzkreuz's witch hunt. As Freudia Neuwahl, Spritia's lifelong friend, you must ensure the safety of the surviving members of Rosenkreuzstilette, put an end to Schwarzkreuz and the Pope's oppression of the Magi, and bring Spiritia home...


How to Play

Your objective is to defeat each of the 8 bosses of the game.

About Replay

Replay files are created in the replay folder.

ARCADE/STORY will be displayed as FR:ARC/FRS:STO


For those who want less talk and more action, select "Arcade Mode" to automatically skip dialogue during story scenes. Press the Status button during a story scene to skip the scene altogether. Recommended for veterans who just want to have some fun.

Select "Game Start" to enjoy Rosenkreuzstilette Freudenstachel in its entirety, with story sequences peppered throughout the game. Press the Confirm button to advance dialogue, and press the Status button to close the current dialogue box. Recommended for first-time players.


Your basic actions are shoot, jump and slide.      

By defeating a boss, Freudia can acquire new magic powers.

Some bosses are weak to certain types of magic.

You may be able to beat powerful bosses easily if you discover their weakness.

[Standard attack: Freudenstachel]
Hold down the shoot button to attack repeatedly with Freudenstachel.
You can also fire while sliding.

Freudenstachel has a magic gauge.
If this reaches 0, you will stop firing when holding down the shoot button.
Also, the speed of your successive shots will be greatly affected. 7ad7b8b382

Title: Rosenkreuzstilette Freudenstachel
Genre: Action, Indie
[erka:es], Darksquid Media
Rosenkreuzstilette, PLAYISM
Release Date: 17 Oct, 2017


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Excellent Mega Man-esque platformer. A lot of work was but into this game for sure. Definintely worth beating.. So, RKSF eventually got a steam release after all. This gives me a pretty nice grin as now both games are available for people to try. (NOTE: This review will not take into account the other playable character in the game. You'll find that out on your own.)

Anyway, for those that don't know the game, Rosenkreuzstilette Freudenstachel is the sequel to the first Rosenkreuzstilette where you play as the Freudia, the best friend of the first game's protagonist, Spiritia. In general movement gameplay, she moves mostly the same way as Tia did in the first except for the fact that Freu can swim (I'll talk about that in a bit). However, the way her weapons work is slightly different as you have the Freudenstachel as your primary weapon in which is a rapid-fire volley of icicles that you can shoot non-stop until your meter runs out in which you will fire your icicles at a MUCH reduced rate and amount (except for one instance, but that's spoilers for those new to the game).

Returning to movement for a moment, as already stated, Freudia has the ability to swim in a way somewhat akin to those in the Mario games. While this allows for underwater movement unlike most Megaman games (except for 8), it does bring its own fair share of problems. Swimming momenteum is pretty notable as you have to control how she somewhat accelerates and decelerates while starting to swim and slowing down to a stop. It takes some time to get used to as it isn't uncommon to try to manuver through an underwater area with spikes, try to avoid it only to veer headlong right into them. It's not a dealbreaker by any stretch, but introducing a typical movement mechanic in such an awkward fashion can turn some players off.

As with the first RKS, RKSF is strong with the references taking inspiration and homages to other classic games aside from the clear Megaman ones. Utilizing this with some mostly balanced level design and you have a game with a steady amount of challenge without going too far to present a pretty satisfying experience. Of course, with the "mostly" part being stated, there are some areas where the difficulty can spike or can be a bit on the cheap side until you learn what to do (*cough*Final Stage 2*cough). As for the boss fights, I'll say that they are more tolerable than some of those in the first. Some bosses are pretty simple ("Metal Hero"), while others can be annoyingly tough (Schirach), and a few others have simply improved from the last game (Liebea).

Game aesthetics are just a brilliantly detailed as the first as the backgrounds are very nicely rendered, and of course, I can't go on without mentioning how good the music is. If you're a fan of the first game's music, I'll have to say that the music in RKSF is just as good. How "good" is up to your interpretation, but for me, I enjoy it as much as the first.

Naturally, with this being a Megaman clone, this game's originality in some places is lacking. That said, being the game that it is, that is not the point since, like the first game, it's more of an homage to Megaman games with references to other games either in background or in gameplay; so take that for what you will. Also, there's the fact that this is a game that is very heavy on anime girls (with two guys in-game, but that's not the point). So if you're the kind of person that dislike that kind of character design choice, then you might want to leave it be unless you're just wanting to give the game a shot in spite of.

Overall, this is still a very well done game that sticks true and honors what made Megaman games good in the first place, but isn't devoid of a few flaws here and there. Like the first game, I got and played this game when it first came out barely over five years ago, and I still enjoy it now as I did back then. I really recommend this to anyone with any sort of background in Megaman-esque games; while to those that generally like the 2D action-platforming genre, give it a shot as I think it's a good experience to play at least once.

TL;DR version: It's a very solid Megaman clone that is worth your attention... animu waifus be darned.. The worst part of megaman games: instant kill traps

80% of this game: Instant kill traps

A lovingly crafted megaman clone with tons of fanservice callbacks to classic (s)nes era games is marred by late-game shenanigans that'll have you repeating levels ad-nauseum as enemies spawn inside your own hitbox to knock you down an instant death pit again and again.. Was waiting for steam release of this for a while.

A very solid mega man style game.
A decent challenge, very balanced in terms of difficulty, each boss and stage are humanly possible to clear yet present a retro platformer style challenge.
Cute characters.
Tons of fun to speedrun this.

Great game, If you are a mega man fan you can safely grab this, you will not regret it.
. Was waiting for steam release of this for a while.

A very solid mega man style game.
A decent challenge, very balanced in terms of difficulty, each boss and stage are humanly possible to clear yet present a retro platformer style challenge.
Cute characters.
Tons of fun to speedrun this.

Great game, If you are a mega man fan you can safely grab this, you will not regret it.
. Please bear in mind that this game is a sequel and you should play the previous game first which is just 'Rosenkreuzstilette' without 'Freudenstachel' after it. This series, while obviously heavily influenced by classic Megaman games to the point of feeling like they didn't even try to hide it, is very story driven. Each character including the bosses has a personality that you get to see in dialog and even during fights. It's not going to win any awards for writing but it's better than 'here's a boss with a theme, smash them'... Bosses in this game explain why they do what they do including the final boss who sets everything up.

Introducing the Characters #1:
Hi All

Today we'll introduce you to the game's protagonist. In the first Rosenkreuzstilette game, they were the player's rival!

Freudia Neuwahl. Rosenkreuzstilette Freudenstachel Coming Soon:
To all the Action Lovers

We have just released the coming soon page for the sequel to "Rosenkreuzstilette"!

"Rosenkreuzstilette Freudenstachel" is coming soon!. Introducing the Characters #5:

The Metal Hero(?) / UNBEKANNT

Magic: Lustatem "Breath of Desire"
Shoots projectiles in the form of highly compressed air. She has control over their size and boasts an impressive rate of fire.

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Playism. Golden Week Holiday Announcement:
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We hope you are doing great and enjoying all the Playism games!

As Playism is based in Japan, we wanted to notify you all that due to the extended Japanese holidays this year for Golden Week at the start of May, we will be closing our offices and operations from April 27th to May 6th.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, however, we will be back on May 7th, and shall handle all issues from then onwards.

The Playism Team

Playism. [Touhou Luna Nights] Announcing the End of Early Access and Adding Stage 4 & 5 at the end of February:
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Furthermore, with this huge update, we will also be adding French into the game!

After we have finished Early Access, we have a few more updates planned. For this, we are looking to add an extra stage and a boss rush.
In the extra stage, a certain person is finally going to appear...!

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Playism. 11/10 Update to ver 2.02:
Hi all!

We just updated Rosenkreuzstilette Freudenstachel with the following fixes:
  • English text font fixed to be more visible.
  • The achievement regarding the defeating the purple devil fixed.
  • The issue regarding the hidden stage is now fixed.

We hope that you keep enjoying Rosenkreuzstilette Freudenstachel!

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