RPG Maker MV - Katakura Hibiki's Lords Of Darkness Download Without Key

RPG Maker MV - Katakura Hibiki's Lords Of Darkness Download Without Key

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As the world is plunged in darkness, the heroes find themselves pitted against the strongest and most wicked - the Lords of Evil.

Katakura Hibiki's Lords of Darkness is an essential boss pack that includes all the basics for creating epic boss encounters. Characters, facesets, portraits and battlers are assembled and ready for use in your RPG Maker projects.

  • 8 animated "big boss" characters.
  • 8 battler types with variation, for a total of 84 battlers for both front view and side-view.
  • 5 faceset sheets, for a total of 28 faces.
  • A portrait for each boss variation, facing left or right for a total of 100 portraits.
  • BONUS: Wanted/Bounty poster, including an editable .psd to create your own bounties.

Title: RPG Maker MV - Katakura Hibiki's Lords of Darkness
Genre: Design & Illustration, Web Publishing
Hibiki Katakura
Release Date: 25 Mar, 2016


The monsters look cool, not a lot of them though.. I love KH's art style. Used it for ACE, and I'm attempting to use what was used in ACE over to MV. Glad that they were able to create some awesome looking boss monsters, for the ones in MV are somewhat cheesy. Looking forward to other art styles from them in the future. Here's for hoping for more battlers, characters, and tilesets. I was debating if I should get this dlc or another. I decided to get this one because it says it has animated Boss characters. I don't understand what they call "Animated" all I got was a bunch of stills.. If you're like me & didn't care for the artstyle of the default MV monster assets, & prefer the artstyle of the battlers of old versions of RPG maker, you might want to give this DLC a try. The art style is very similar to Katakura Hibiki's previous collections, & there is a great deal of variety in the battler forms & face sets. Which will hopefully allow you to get bosses that are just right for your project. There are a decent amount of assets, however it is just eight characters, with many variations contained within.

So if you think that is too small, wait for the package to go on sale & then pick it up.. Purchased this in a bundle during the 2017 winter sale. Has well designed enemies and bosses. Worth the discounted purchase.

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