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About This Game

Over 170 levels!
A 3D board game for a single player!
17 different pieces, each with their own properties!
Capture all pieces on the board to win one level!
Blow up all dynamite, get the gold and prevent bombs from exploding on another level!
Design your own levels!

Basically, you will drop pieces one at a time to capture other pieces by having MORE offensive captures upon a target piece than that piece has defensive captures protecting it, if any. By analyzing the board, capturing, exploding pieces, preserving some pieces from being blown up, melting pieces, elevating and de-elevating pieces, you will attempt to REACH the level maker's OBJECTIVE(S) presented when PLAY BEGAN.

Because this is a complex game, but simple to learn IF you play the tutorials, trying to explain it without playing the 21 tutorial levels will confuse most people. The 21 levels available in the DEMO, which also includes 4 full release levels, are educational and fun. You will be PLAYING the game INSTANTLY while learning, not falling asleep reading nonstop instructions for 3 weeks before being able to almost play the game! However, this game is a THINKER'S GAME, not for the impatient. If you don't like puzzles, don't bother with this one! We don't offer you cheese with your whine and it takes a while to get good! If you find your knees touching the back of your head, maybe it's time to take a break!

Good luck! a09c17d780

Title: Sage 3D
Genre: Casual
Michael Sean Mackay
Empire Games Wisconsin
Release Date: 30 Jul, 2018


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