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Original Title: Sons Of Thunder

Genge: Action,Adventure,Crime,Drama,Western











































When a friend of Walker's who is a Reverend dies, his son, Trent who's one of Walker's students who has been an instructor at the Army returns home. He is uncertain of what he's going to do. He doesn't exactly want to be like his father and would like to help people like Walker but doesn't want to carry a firearm. At the same time someone is killing cops and Walker is wondering why. And among his targets is Carlos, a friend of Trent's
A lot of things happen in this episode of WALKER Texas RANGER, quite a jam packed hour. A serial killer in steel toed boots is stalking specific police officers, whose photographs he crosses out once they are shot point blank to the chest, with Texas Ranger Trivette the recipient of bullets which narrowly miss his heart, sending him to the emergency room, nearly dying from the wounds. Trivette was answering a call from a retired cop who believed he knew who the killer was. Carlos, who is a target of this psychopath, himself almost killed when he visits Trent in a shopping mall (this is a cool scene which has Trent having to push Carlos through a store window in order to save him), thinks the person responsible for the cop killings is a metro officer who, in a fit of rage, could've killed a reckless driver after repeated blows with a billy club. In this episode, Walker rescues a cop who kicks open a door booby trapped with a bomb within the apartment of the killer. You even get a high speed chase as Walker tries to catch the killer who again almost shoots Carlos exiting Trent's home after a visit, not to mention, the pursuit of the maniac who leads them up the stairs of an abandoned factory (where Carlos must face his fear of heights and overcome it if he is to save Trent from falling to the ground below while Walker, who was shot in the back by the killer, tries to hold on to him until rescue arrives). Director Aaron Norris really juggles a lot in this particular episode as Trent, who is showcased as a lowly duty officer on his way to becoming a ranger on Walker's team, helps his younger brother, Tommy, a victim of bullying at the hands of three students of a karate school whose instructor is a creep teaching them the wrong way to use their skills, learn to defend himself. Trent will open his own karate school and join the cast out to catch the bad guys. As I mentioned, this episode is loaded, with a lot going on. Trent will become a private investigator, affording him the chance to help Walker fight crime in Texas. The sub-plot with Tommy is right out of THE KARATE KID, but the cop killer plot is rather a neat story which builds suspense as it continues, although we know Walker will save the day with a little help from his friends. A final story-line thread is completed as Trent's father, who died in the previous episode, is allowed to quote a bible verse as the show concludes, his death and memory respected, the man's name, Thunder, named for his oldest son's karate school. James Wlcek would star as Trent for two seasons on the show.


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