Spacetours VR - Ep1 The Solar System Download For Pc [key Serial]

Spacetours VR - Ep1 The Solar System Download For Pc [key Serial]

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About This Game

Welcome to SPACETOURS VR, the galaxy's finest agency for interplanetary travel. Our all-inclusive premium package EP1 offers unlimited travels to the orbit of the eight planets of the Solar System, where you glide chasing the sun on your personal platform.

Indulge in our fully hipster-style compatible travel pod, taking you to your favoured destinations in the blink of an eye. Our ambition as the galaxies finest travel agency is to provide you with the experiences YOU want to see, so the path of your journey can be shaped by your desires. SPACETOURS VR also offers an -optional- entertainment program at various locations, included in this package.

As companions during your stay, the mechanical pioneers of the respective planets have been fully restored and relaunched. Earth orbit for example offers the largest space station men have ever build, known in history books as the "International Space Station", equipped with several vista spots conveniently accessible from your base platform. In the unlikely event of a troublesome encounter with Deimos, your beam can also be used to call in armed support. Please be aware that SPACETOURS VR does not cover any damage caused by customers on their travels.

So leave the world outside behind and join SPACETOURS VR right now!

Included features of package EP1 The Solar System:

  • Interactive lobby with amenities
    Lights, sound, music and exploding logo. What more can you expect? Ah yes and don't sit on the chairs.
  • Luxurious travel capsule
    Your retractable shell offers shelter from the empty space for the light-hearted, and of course - travel in style.
  • Lower Earth Orbit
    Check out the first man-made object in space SPUTNIK and see the amazing vista points around the ISS.
  • Mars
    Meet MAVEN, one of the top photographers when it comes to Mars. Avoid DEIMOS, the unstable moon of Mars. If you can't, well you read about armed support earlier didn't you?
  • Saturn
    Nobody does Saturn like CASSINI-HUYGENS does. For the ultimate dust-ring-sparkle-action, just point your beam at her.
  • Jupiter
    Don't miss out on Jupiter with all the moons around. (He's on the right.)
  • Mercury
    You thought the Caribbean was the ultimate place to worship the sun? Wait till you've been on mercury! A sunscreen with UV-factor not less then 7e³ is highly recommended.
  • Venus
    That's not the Venus I know! See what's really under Venus' cloudy cloths - MAGELLAN is the man.
  • Neptune
    Wait what?! NEW HORIZONS on Neptune?! Well, where else can you go when your home got revoked planetary status.
  • Uranus
    [ˈju(ə)rənəs] is how it is pronounced.

*destinations sorted by visitor popularity. 7aa9394dea

Title: Spacetours VR - Ep1 The Solar System
Genre: Adventure, Casual, Indie, Simulation
Vibrant Visuals - Christian Klötzel
Vibrant Visuals - Christian Klötzel
Release Date: 8 Mar, 2017


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 7 Service Pack 1 64bit
  • Processor: i5-4590 or equivalent
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia Geforce GTX 970 or equivalent
  • DirectX: Version 10
  • Storage: 1100 MB available space

English,German,Simplified Chinese

Worthless. It does nothing. DO NOT waste your money.. Solar system is just beautiful....That is as far as I can say about this experience. Compared to Discovering Space, this doesn't even come close. This is a self guided tour with VERY loose controls. Grab objects to start events...What events? All that appeared were bullet points highlighting specific interests, is that what you are calling an 'event'...Should be labelled touch for more information. Such a shame. If this was similar to Discovering space, where the tours actually take you on a guided tour of all the planets, with voiceover I might add, similar to when I visited a PLanetarium when I was young, then I could recommend this as an enjoyable experience...However after just a few minutes exploring, I had more than enough.... Dear friends, and developers. I'v encountered a problem in several games, most recently THIS GAME..... The problem is that I am handicaped and confined to a chair. When I run this game I find myself in a non playable position with no way to move using the controllers.
When I spent the money to move up to VR, I had hopes of experiencing things, like this game, even though I could not physically be present.
Most of the VR games I have used expext me to be able to move physically (I.E. HEAD. HANDS) instead of providing controller, or keyboard, interface for movement.
Hope this helps to make your product more successful,
PS.. why not start a "HANDICAP ACCESABLE" label for your tours once they are fixed. I would be happy to serve as a product tester/representative for handicaped VR users.
Rev. Gary Utz (retired). awesome, love the whole look and feel! very laid-back and classy.

basically a visually driven experience with interactive events along the way. each planet is presented differently, some in really surprising perspectives.
the probes around the levels were really cool the watch and interact with, made space less sterile.
amazing sound effects also, you can feel the warp jump in your stomach, make sure you wear headphones!!

game mechanics are very basic. you can play around with little versions of the planets and destroy one asteroid. would have loved to able to do more here (e.g. scaling), but what is there works.

ISS is like the action part, the 100 meter free fall nearly made my heart stop lol. Good thing it's optional.

visiting all planets took me around 40min, will be back to see what I missed!

runs great on my 1070, the other reviewer must have issues with his rig.

8\/10. I recently got a Vive for cheap. And while I am still not quite convinced by the the whole VR trend, this little gem is giving me some hope. It feels like VR exists to bring experiences like these to life and it is also a great showcase for what can be the competetive advantage for the VR experience in the future. It is hard to explain the sensation when you enter the lobby, hear the subtle humming in the background and marvel at the futuristic aesthetics. It truly makes you feel like a highly sophisticated space explorer about the begin your first stroll into the endless depths of space. And since watching the new "Cosmos" documentary by Neil deGrasse Tyson (highly recommended on netflix!) I have been longing for a sensation like this. It might not be 100% the same experience as gliding through space yourself, but until we can book our own real space vacation I feel like this is the next best thing.

Of course if you want to play some high octane wave shooter or surreal experience like Rez, then this is not the game for you. Spacetours' strength is its atmosphere and immersion. Something that it exceeds at. And to be honest: with the heavy workload these days and daily life that is accelerating more and more, this actually suits me.

All in all: Keep it coming! Stuff like this will keep me occupied in short bursts until I can get my hands on the Vive version of Resident Evil in 2018. Here's hoping! And even then I am sure that I will keep an eye on future episodes of Spacetours.. Well, this is going to be my first review in steam so I\u00b4ll keep it short. I\u00b4ll call this \u201cthe leberation from the **** whale\u201d. I have my vive almost a year now and figured out 2 main uses for it so far. First you can watch short and entertaining \u201cMovieclips\u201d. Second, you can show other people VR and why you are so excited about it. For these VR-sessions i have a routine: start with the lab and than a little bit of amazing painting (Bob Ross style). And than, when everybody craves for more of this new delicious VR-experience I have to choose: experienced gamer friends will be pushed into some serious Sam or space pirates action or, for the casual granny, the wale.... I hate the whale because everybody is like: okay, fine, got it... Bye. All excitement gone... **** whale! So that\u2019s where this game experience comes into play. I bought it because it looks superb and it is in space! No deep sea but space!
I played the whole experience in one go and enjoyed it a lot. It is exactly what I was looking for. A mellow and smooth experience with high-end Graphics to impress all the loved ones who are new to the VR world. Enjoy!

PS: Please be aware of the proplems concernig SuperSampling while using the recent build of SteamVR beta! Switch to non-beta for a crisp Graphic till this issue is resolved!

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