Super Potato Bruh Activation Code [hack]

Super Potato Bruh Activation Code [hack]

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About This Game

Super Potato Bruh is a difficult platformer that uses some elements of the bullet hell genre to create an intense platforming experience.

Potato Bruh is on a journey to save Princess Lechuga from Mr. Ladle. Play through 5 worlds while dodging tons of projectiles, flying "Beef Moocows", and more!

Every time you get near Princess Lechuga, Mr. Ladle takes her somewhere else! Encounter various foods that may get in your way, even if they don't mean to. Read about the foods in "The Pantry" and learn about them. There are currently 6 worlds... The Grasslands, The Desert, The Mountain, The Crystalline Mine, The Void, and The Underworld. 7aa9394dea

Title: Super Potato Bruh
Genre: Action
Release Date: 19 Sep, 2018


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Super Potato Bruh has a new world! (v1.2):
World 6 is out! It features The Underworld. It's far more difficult than the other worlds and you'll find that your screen is even more flooded with projectiles.

Here's what's in the update:

  • Minor bugfixes
  • World 6 (with 10 new levels!)
  • 2 new foods
  • Mucky things
  • Balance tweaks to some of the old foods


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