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Swimsanity! is a multiplayer underwater shooter with action-packed Co-Op and Versus game modes, all supported by online and local play. You play as our her 5d3b920ae0

Title: Swimsanity!
Genre: Action, Adventure, Casual, Indie
Decoy Games
Decoy Games
Release Date: Summer 2019


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Swimsanity! Reveal : This has been a long time coming. Welcome followers of old and new, and be ready to Unleash Swimsanity! For those of you following Decoy Games, you probably know that this has been a long journey for us. However, to catch everyone up to speed, read our blog post "The Road to Swimsanity!" [www.swimsanity.com] Over the next several months, we'll be making several public appearances. If you're in the area, check out some of the dates of our upcoming events.. Private Beta Build v0.1.4 is Live! : Build v0.1.4 is Live Features/Balancing - Improved syncing of players positions in an online match - Shock - NERFED - Shock will only freeze opponents movement, opponent can still fire while in Shock - Bomb Drone Unleash - Unlocked - Aqua Tank Unleash - Unlocked - Adventure Checkpoint Respawn - Hitting a checkpoint will now bring back your teammates - Plan to clear leaderboards to test new clean data - Disabling Unlocking Unleashes for Beta - Instead of (P1, P2.) as indicator, use first 3 letters of User - Clearing Leaderboards Bug Fixes - Fix Matchmaking hangs at load screen on second match in row - Fix Mooba Rank - Fix Level up progression - Fix fail to hide Menus when jumping to matchmaking screen during match found - Removing start up window before game / was not intended to be part of build - Fix Game Over text on hud overlapping Known Issues - Volume settings don't save, will have to adjust on every start - Piranha Unleash KOs owner after use, and rewards KO. Swimsanity! Private Beta Launches February 28th!!! : After taking home PC/Console Game of Year and Player Choice Awards at the 2018 Bit Awards, Decoy Games has announced Swimsanity! Private Beta will launch on February 28th. Swimsanity! - Vision Trailer (Bit Awards Announcement) Use the link below to sign up Sign Up HERE! [mailchi.mp] Also join our new Discord Channel as well Join HERE! [discord.gg]. Private Beta Build v0.1.6 is Live : Beta Build v0.1.6 is Live Features and Balancing - Mouse and Keyboard Support (Alpha) - Shark Unleash is.Unleashed :shark: - Survival - New Respawn system for downed teammates. Ability to bring back 1 teammate after completing a wave. - Toxic Lagoon - Added to Online Solo Playlist Bug Fixes - Shark hitboxes for online are improved Known Issues - Mouse and Keyboard - Aiming is slight off - Mouse and Keyboard - Cursor gameplay aim sight takes time to show . . . Preview of v0.1.7 - March 6th - Survival - Playable Online - Team Deathmatch - Playable Online - Improve Mouse and Keyboard Aiming

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