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Sydney's World Free Download Game Hacked

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About This Game

Sydney's World is a family-friendly JRPG. Game focus is on the intersecting story arcs of a young girl seeking her father and a king in search of redemption.

Sydney is a real eight year old girl, not a cliche fem super-hero or cliche fem helpless victim. She behaves just as the real Sydney would, alternating between cuteness, petulance, innocence, anger, sorrow, illogical decisions, jealousy, extreme joy, etc.

When she's captured by an evil wizard and transported to another world, her toy elf Snowball is brought to life. He's Sydney's alter ego and ultimate childhood wish-fulfillment; his whole existence revolves around her. Together, they stop small dogs from barking, cause a king to reconsider his philosophy, and deal with very real emotions in a fantasy world setting.

King Nicholas Westergaard rules the human settlements of an unknown world. He's consumed with a war against another race and a rebellion within his own kingdom. In time he discovers he has caused both.

Explore new worlds without the usual multitude of boring side-quests and random encounters with identical enemies. There are no maps, mini-maps, mini-mini maps, or micro-maps; exploration is done the old-fashioned way, with clues and logic.

Sydney and villains are voice-acted to enhance engagement. Other characters are not, to encourage reading and imagination.

There is no profanity, blood/gore, sexual content...or even more damaging to young minds...lame dialogue and cheap endings!

Older, wiser players will enjoy unconventional aphorisms that might cause them to reconsider their own philosophy.

Hard-core RPG gamers should note that there is no inventory management or traits/abilities/skill point management.

For more information on Sydney's World for younger players, please visit the website. d859598525

Title: Sydney's World
Genre: RPG
Wise Dad Games
Wise Dad Games
Release Date: 1 Feb, 2016


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If you all Loved Playing Games like Chrono Trigger, Secret Of Mana, The Final Fantasy's on the Super Nintendo and Games like that that were Kid Friendly, then Continue on Reading.

First time I've written a Review like this on Steam. As soon as you begin Sydney's World, if it doesn't bring a Smile to your face, then something is wrong. The way Sydney says her Lines is very Precious
indeed. XD

All of the Menu's are Hand Made, even the Cut-scenes. Character Pictures, Profiles, and a ton of the Sprites to, so you can tell a lot of love and care was put into this game. It's not like a ton of the other RPG Maker Games that have Flooded Steam where there is all Generic things in them. These are people that have really put a lot of love behind their Game.

Even the Names of the Items made me laugh, but in a good way. There truly needs to be more games like this on Steam. This is how RPG Maker Games should be done.

It's also Educational as it has been Stated before. Check everywhere when you get the chance because you have no ideal what you'll find. There's References to People that have Shaped our World to what it is today from Emotions, History, Life in General. Even the people Teach Important Life Lessons to.

I hope one day to play this with my Great Niece who also has a Speech Impediment because i know she'll truly love it. I can tell that Families will have tons of fun playing it together. :)

Voice Acting is very Spot On and Professionally done as well. The Voice Actors really Fit the Characters. I can tell you all right now that even if you have no Children to Share this Game with, you will enjoy it, Especially if your looking for a Lighthearted RPG. We have to many Flooding the Markets these days that are all about Gore and other things. Gone are the days it seems for RPGs like this. This Game is a Breath of Fresh Air among the RPG World.

The Music in the game fits the mood at the Given Situations. Weather it's a Dungeon or a Town, Etc., it fits the mood.

Combat isn't that hard either. It's very fun as well. The Monsters don't look bad either. XD In-fact, some look funny while others look like Real Life Animals that you would see in the World. Others, well,
let's just say they would Scare some people. Monster Sprites are even Hand Done as well, so that's another Plus for this Game.

I will admit that with the Maps and Sprites, some do seem out of place at times, but other times they're not. Mostly the Sprites fit the Area and Screen. Some can be Off putting to some though, but it shouldn't be to bad to make the game Unenjoyable.

The Emotions you will feel playing this game will range from happy, sad, warm fuzzies, and things like that. <3 It truly is Wonderful and it is great.

Pyramids are evil BTW. EVIL I SAY!!! PURE EVIL!

Sydney is as I already Stated beyond Precious in this Game. If you don't Fall In Love with Her and Her Banter with the other Characters then there is something wrong with you. For parents and Adults alike,
I truly Recommend this Game Highly to everyone. Sure, it has it's Problems, but they're to far and few in-between to really be a bother.

This Game has Easily become One of my Favorite Games of All Time and is One Of my Top as well as my Favorite RPG Maker Game of All Time as well. It's going to take a lot to Beat this One. If you all think you know one that can, tell me the Name of it and I will Check it out.

Also, Remember to Save Often. You'll thank me for it later on. LOL

Just remember this. Use your head and think if you get Stuck. Usually the most Problematic thing can be Solved if you use your head. :) Just take a Deep Breath and do that. Also, my First Favorite Game here of all time I will leave this Review with a Quote from it that will help you all out like it did me for a Few Years now.

Nothing is impossible. -Marquis De Hoto. The game backgrounds look really well made in detail by its artist,the story is just A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I'll finish the whole story and I'll tell more soon~!. This is one amazing game the fact that it's an amazing refreshment from the standard JRPG's since i finished the game today. Really have to say the game did something that not many rpg maker games dared to do. Take several styles of art from cutscenes to gameplay areas woven around and makes a believable world come to life.

While there are no random encounters there are set enemies that drop much needed items when defeated. Which really is helpful considering needed for the several boss battles. By the time i've completed the game i had twice as many revive items as elixirs.

Though what helped in item management besides healing spells. is the encouragement of using buff and debuff abilites in battles. Simple but very effective in this family friendly rpg No complex mechanics that have been lately in today's RPG's. It's nice to go back to a simple time. Reminds me a lot of the SNES/Genesis RPG's Era.

For one the game encourages exporation and rewards with interacting with characters as well as learning a lot from the world from reading the books. It is worth the $4.99 price tag. You can tell that a game made with rpg maker done right is how the developer put into the game.

. This game is great! Developer has put so much into it with voices and story that you can ignore RPGmaker-style gameplay if you are not freak for old school games. Even tho I had the game, I bought one for my little cousin so I can support this Developer. Great job!

10/10. Place holder for a full review once I have given it some more time. The problem given was very kindly helped with by Sydney's world, and I have to give full recomendations to the developer for actually caring about the people playing the game.

Actual game itself? So far, really really cute, I'm looking forwards to seeing what will come next in the game, and have to admit, so far, the characters and the storyline is making me smile.

Thanks very much everyone!. Sydney's World is an excellent turn-based, story-driven RPG that I highly recommend to everyone, young and old.

This is not your typical RPG Maker game; you need to come into this world understanding that there is an amazing story to be told here, and that this game is much more than a turn-based RPG.
That's not to say there is anything wrong with those kinds of RPGs, ( I personally love them), but before you buy this game you need to understand this is more about the story than fights.

The story revolves around a young girl out to save her father from an evil wizard from another world.
The flow of the game is very linear, but the locations you journey too and the people you meet are very unexpected and interesting. There are many twists and turns, and many different locations to explore, and this really held my interest.
You will meet many great characters in your journeys and you will grow fond of them.
A strong and interesting story is certainly a highlight here.

The developer wants you to not worry about equipment such as weapons and items, so you don't really need too, but you certainly can.
It can be dangerous though, and I suggest saving very often and using multiple saves as the game suggests.
You never know what is around the corner.
You will find your typical Elixers and Revive Potions, but there is no buying or selling, or upgrading equipment in this game. Most towns and castles can not be entered again either, which I found rather unusual.
If you missed anything, that's too bad.
Due to a lack of random battles, you can not grind for experience, though there are a few places where there are a lot of enemies.
This game is not about that.

I found this game to have excellent music and sound effects, and the graphics were bright, colorful, creative, and interesting.
There is some very nice artwork here that introduce you to new areas or situations, and there are very well made enemies and bosses.
Sydney and some other characters speak, and other characters don't.
This may be the first RPG Maker game I've played that had spoken dialogue.
However, as with most games where there is spoken dialogue, you may find yourself skipping the voices because you read the text long before the character says it. I found myself doing this eventually.

I personally found the lack of battles and opportunities to power my team up for boss battles dissapointing.
This IS an RPG maker game at heart, and heavily reducing the core part of the game felt strange to me.
However, if your conservative with your items, and experienced in RPGs, you won't have too much trouble.
As I said though, you need to come into this game with different expectations.

I HIGHLY recommend this game, I had a great time and I'm sure you will too.

Disclaimer: I was provided a key by the developer for review purposes.This did NOT influence my review in any way.

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