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Alfred Walsh is the new librarian, but on his first day he will accidentally unleash a dreaded curse upon the shelves within. He must fix things fast - but how will his tale end? With the help of Merlin and some other familiar faces, Alfred must solve puzzles in the strangest of places if he is to succeed and stop the curse of Oblivion!

Suitable for kids & adults alike, Ape Marina present a point & click adventure game full of old-school goodness and whimsical charm, fun characters and gratifying puzzles. The enchanting story will see you journey within well known Tales as you seek the help of great heroes (and lesser ones) in order to save the library and fate of mankind's beloved Tales!

You take control of Alfred - with simple point & click gameplay, many locations to explore and characters to meet, full English voice acting and over 50 minutes of original music by Luigi Di Guida, adventure veterans will feel right at home and new players can always seek advice from Merlin during their quest!

+ Original soundtrack (OST) comes included in Library > Music
+ Quicksave & Autosave for a more streamlined point & click experience
+ Russian, French, Italian, German and Spanish text translations

So what are you waiting for? It's time to get stuck into those Tales and help Alfred defeat Oblivion! It's the only way to guarantee your own tale has a happy ending! Steam achievements and trading cards are also included for those that seek a little extra challenge... 1075eedd30

Title: Tales [PC]
Genre: Adventure, Indie
Ape Marina
Screen 7
Release Date: 14 Nov, 2016


  • OS: Windows XP or Vista
  • Processor: Intel or AMD CPU
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Graphics: DirectDraw or DirectX compatible card
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Storage: 900 MB available space
  • Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card
  • Additional Notes: Mouse, keyboard


I like to play point and click games and took a chance with this one. I kind of like this game, but come on, who did this dialog. Did they really have to use the term "DUDE" all the time. I hate that word and doesn't even work with this game. And, did they really have to say those cuss words all the time too. Really distracts from the story line. Wish they used more Brit accents then American. Just my opinion. Otherwise, pretty good.. Long, long time ago, I frequently visited AGS-games and played all the free adventures (this was in the time before the marketing started and there literarally were no AGS-games that costed money), I was a real addict and played everything I could. Now, years later, I still love good adventure games; I stress out: "good" ones.
This game is not very well made. The story begins rather lame, the puzzles aren't original or at least interesting, The graphics look really nice, but the animations are horrble and really slow , the dialogues are boring, it isn't worth playing in any way, in my opinion, compared to many, many really great adventure games.
A game like this shouldn't cost money. If people have a hobby called developing adventure games: nice!
If they want to earn money with their hobby, they should perhaps learn how to do it properly.
Just look at Wadjet Eye Games, they started as part of the AGS-community and boy, what great games they've made!
Here I don't see any of this potencial at the moment.
If you watch the trailer, it really looks like a fantastic game with superb voice acting et cetera; playing it, it doesn't give you, what it promises.
Also the trailer shows you, that pretty much people for such a game were involved.
But this didn't help the essence of the game to be enjoyable.
Perhaps it's just not my cup of tea; I find too many flaws that ruin my gaming experience to get hooked to the game and I don't want to give it another try, because it's just mediocre in an unacceptable way.. This point and click adventure has an interesting premise that's unusual yet engaging. The voice acting\/casting broadly peaking is poor and the lines seem half heartdly written (the use of "dude" and "man" features frequesntly at the end of a lot of characters' lines).

The puzzles are interesting and Merlin is quite interesting with his riddled hints. The story is well written aside from the ending which is thoroughly dissappointing so be weary of that when you reach the end.

This is no Monkey Island or Broken Sword but for the price it's very worth a purchase.. Lovely game. :). A beautiful game, cartoony style, based on tales and classic epic stories, where you have to solve the malevolence of a kind of demon that want to erradicate all memories of them, by making characters in those stories forget their important role in human history and bring an end to all that it's wonderful and magic in our world.

A classic point-click adventure game, where you're not there to kill and be killed, but to solve situations by using things you pick up, talking to characters, traveling to places where you have to find solutions to the problems that are presented to you. It also includes some simple puzzles.

It is meant for those with patience, that take their time to go around exploring, searching, listening and clicking their way through the story until it unravels itself.

If you liked games like Monkey Island, Simon the Sorcerer, Discwolrd, Blackwell, Kathy Rain, a.s.o. this one is for you. Maybe not as witty and more could have been done with it, taking into account the theme (stories, tales and legends), but it was a pleasure and I know that I will play it again, as I did with others.. I really enjoyed this point and click adventure game during my first play-through. The library setting is what drew me to the game and it did not disappoint. The art style is cool, the story is interesting, and the dialogue is quite clever and funny. The only (and expected) downside was that after playing through once, it was a little boring to play again when going after the achievements as I knew all the answers to the puzzles. It also annoyed me that the achievements are listed as 'hidden' achievements, so unless you looked up a walkthrough before playing, you likely would need to play another round or two... and that would just spoil the fun of the adventure!

If you love books and are looking for an interesting point and click adventure to try, check it out.. So much annoying back-and-forth between books. Some really annoying puzzles, one I don't understand at all even after looking up the solution. I stubbornly kept trying at some to the point that I went over the 2 hour limit for a refund, so I kept at it further anyway.

I'm uninstalling and listing it as Hidden soon as I post this.. The problem in this game resides in its title, so generic that actually makes it hard to find amongst the thousands of available titles...

Once we're over that part, the first advantage it has is that it's very cheap for the content it offers.

It is a point & click adventure game in the style of the classics of the genre. Graphics are very rich, the playstyle is easy to undesrtand while not making it dull. Voice acting is excellent, as every single text line in the game is voice recorded.

The story is compelling and it offers a very interesting interface which makes it innovative (which is not easy when considering how many similar titles there are our there).

It manages to be classic, entertaining, interesting and still offering a couple of fresh notes to the genre.

I definitely recommend the title for all point anc click fans, this deserves to be played a lot more than it has!

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