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Woken from a hypersleep, you find yourself alone on a drifting star cruiser, light years from home. The crew has disappeared, leaving behind nothing but a few scattered rec 5d3b920ae0

Title: The Artifact
Genre: Indie
Colin Wren, Sean Scaplehorn, Wayne Jackson, Jason Mallett
Enigma Games LTD, KISS ltd
Release Date: 2 Jun, 2017


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I was disappointed by how short this game was and how easy the puzzles were. It's definitely beautiful and has the potential of a really interesting story within it. However a lot of the puzzles were simply too easy to classify as puzzles. As other people have said at full price it's not worth the money, thankfully I got this in a Humble Bundle as I'd have been annoyed as opposed to just disappointed otherwise. On the other hand if you want a short, relaxing and beautiful casual puzzle experience, this is an excellent game for that situation. It feels like a very polished University project, which if that's what it is the creators have done very well.. 9$ for a 30 minutes game? really? the artwork is great, the puzzles easy, the story . incomplete to say the least. not a bad game. but more of a prototype/demo than a full game, sadly.. Replay value - 2 Plot - 3 Originality - 2 Easy to learn - 9 Gameplay - 4 Graphics - 5 Sound and music - 7 Interface and controls - 4 OVERALL ASSESSMENT - 4,5/10

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