The Battle Of Mahjong Download Xbox 360 Free

The Battle Of Mahjong Download Xbox 360 Free

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About This Game

“Mahjong” is originated from China, also it is one of a quintessence of Chinese culture. Players can know more about the advantages of “Mahjong” though playing the game. It helps you to brainstorm, also it is the best game for you life of leisure!

You can only find out the fun of playing “Mahjong” by yourself, I'm sure you'll addicted to it. Don’t hesitate, come and join “ THE BATTLE OF MAHJONG”!

“The Battle Of Mahjong” is the best longan game, players can know more about the quintessence of Chinese culture and the fun of mahjong through the challenges from the game. Every missions have certain connections, once you've won all the battles, the hidden characters and different functions are waiting for you! Are you ready for it? A free single user game for you to play until the end! Chinese and English versions are out now, come and join the battle today!

【Game Features】
- The first Mahjong game supports Chinese and English versions in HK!
- First 3D single user game support cross platforms!
- Lots of hidden characters are waiting for you!
- 3 different ways to play!
- No monthly fee! And you can play the game every moment you want to!
- screenshot for the precious moment! 6d5b4406ea

Title: The Battle Of Mahjong
Genre: Casual
KUSOne Studio Limited
West Dos (HK) LTD.
Release Date: 15 Sep, 2017

English,Simplified Chinese,Traditional Chinese

A clean and intuitive interface!
Easy of use!

Any serious mahjong player will love this game.
Hours of fun for friends and family.

Can play against computers. They are good!

Highly recommended.. One of the few real Mahjong games around.. This game is broken, at least under the Taiwanese ruleset - it sometimes doesn't notice that a hand is winning.. A challenging real Mahjong game with walls. The bots you play against are good.. 1\/5 stars. Let me explained why I think this game is bad and does not deserve your money:

1)\tThis game have 3 "mode". One of them is "Free play". You would think that free play mean the player can set the rule. LOL NOPE! You are restricted to maximum 4 points in the beginning. You want to set 3 points to max? You need to "unlock" these by playing "Champion\u201d and \u201cPVP\u201d mode. Which brings to the next point:
2)\t\u201cChampion\u201d mode is totally lame. Is like a single player game where you go around and beat like 9 bosses. But the AI for these \u201cbosses\u201d seem to be the same. So what makes a boss \u201cdifficult\u201d ? They set victory condition rather than out right win the most money. So for example, one of the boss, you \u201cwin\u201d by winning 3 rounds of self draw. If you cant do that in 30 minutes, you \u201closs\u201d. What makes it worst is that for each bosses, you also need to earn \u201ckey\u201d to challenge them. The first boss and the last 2 boss have no keys. To earn keys, you have to play against previous boss over and over to earn keys. Keys are given randomly when you win a round. But usually only if you score low points round. Funny thing about this lame system, I won a round with \u201c13 aunties\u201d 15 points. This bankrupted one of the AI and the match is over. You still have to come back again if you want to beat that same boss, because I didn\u2019t \u201cwin by condition\u201d. Lame and a waste of time.
3)\tPVP mode. Is not pvp. You don\u2019t play against other players online. You just play against AI and win experience instead of money. You can than earn \u201ccoins\u201d which is then used to unlock things like unlocking free mode condition or different colour tiles. Oh did I mention that you need to earn \u201cgold\u201d to challenge AI for experience? LOL what kind of lame design is this?
4)\tEnglish translation is a nightmare. Is not even on par with an elementary ESL student.
5)\tThere no rules or tutorials, so you have to google if you don\u2019t know how to play
6)\tBad resolution. Which usually doesn\u2019t matter too much for indie games, but it does here. This is because you cant read the Enemy flower tiles due to bad resolution.
7)\tBad game speed. Too much animation for a card game. I don\u2019t need to see a tile get discarded. I would like to set the animation off so that I can only focus on the game itself.
8)\tTick tack toe in champion mode is unskippable. Another lame design.
9)\tNO real PVP, no online mode. Lame


There are many game developers these days for traditional mah-jong game. I do not feel this one lived up to my expectation. It feel like a really annoying RPG game, with very little reward. Free play mode should be unlocked at start.
Not worth it IMO.

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