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About This Game

Having evolved from the Dungeons and Dragons table and refined for over a decade, The Great Gaias is a story-driven RPG that tells a compelling tale adapted from an original campaign setting and reimagined as the beloved classic genre.


A mysterious contract from the royal family sparks the interest of an organized band of sellswords. What seems like a normal job quickly spirals into a whirlwind of betrayal and tragedy, thrusting a young rogue and his unlikely companions into the middle of an ancient prophecy.

Rumors of long forgotten creatures, lost magic and a cult devoted to a dark god signify the coming of a new age. With petty feuds and corrupted politicians dividing the unity of the great nations, a blind eye is turned to the true evil about to descend upon the land.


  • 60+ Hour Main Storyline
  • 17 Playable Characters
  • 200 abilities to learn
  • Hundreds of unique enemies
  • In Depth Crafting System
  • Build Your Own City
  • A Multitude of Hidden Bosses
  • Challenging Dungeons
  • Multiple Endings

Title: The Great Gaias
Genre: Adventure, Indie, RPG
Horizon's End, Inc.
Horizon's End, Inc.
Release Date: 22 Jun, 2018


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Loved the first chapter, just like the old RPG's from the 80's (Yes, I'm dating myself). I look forward to playing the next chapter
. So far I've got 5 or 6 hours and I'm having fun. The story is pretty good so far; there were a couple of parts I found could've been done better with better pacing and execution but I have no real complaints.

The music is good, the characters are acceptable, the strategy and skills are good. The sprite work is good as well, especially for the engine used.

The main criticism is obvious, it is an RPG Maker game. The combat feels a bit less fluid than games with an ATB system as actions lock time for everything. Some other RPG Maker games got around this in creative ways using a bar to show upcoming turns which didn't make the combat feel jagged but instead made it feel more strategic.

My other criticisms are :
1) The crafting system which seems to show you end-game equipment in the UI... not a fan of that. Just in general the crafting system is a bit wack for me. I haven't crafted anything and instead am just using drops I found instead. Not optimal but it is a put off for me to have a dozen shops offering various crafting options.
2) Some text gets stuck under the UI box and you can't read it. This happens a lot in the journal and biographies; hasn't happened in the main game's text so far.
3) Not a big deal but there is no indication of hidden items at all and there are tons of them. I end up having to press to search pretty much EVERYTHING. I personally don't mind this but I think it will put off some people that like collecting but not endlessly searching.

All in all, I got what I expected so far. It's not a new Final Fantasy game, but it's a fun jRPG and it's rare to have good jRPGs these days.

. Amazing Game so Far ive only put a little bit of time in but greatly enjoying what i am playing.. The Great Gaias is one fantastic, long, challenging, and innovative rpg. With a slew of characters to play, vast world, many quests, a ton of creatures/bosses to fight, and a deep crafting system, this highly addictive rpg will give the player many hours of playtime. Took me over 100 hours to complete and I know that I missed a good number of quests and huge areas to explore.
Some say the price is high but you can play 3-4 other rpgs for the same price but will not have the fun, challenge, and length as in The Great Gaias. The developers are quick to respond to any bugs/questions for help. Simply said, this is a bigtime rpg winner.. This game was pretty awesome. If you enjoy a Final Fantasy style RPG, you should absolutely give this game a try.. Can't recommend this. Looks like a megadrive port - and that's fine by me - but keeps freezing for 5 s every so often. Shoddy work especially given the steep price.. The Great Gaias has been a blast to play so far. At only 20 hours in I feel like I've just scratched the surface of the story. Gameplay is hard enough to be a challenge but not obnoxious. I'd recommend this game to anyone who has been looking for an engaging rpg to put time into.. Most fun I've had in a game in a long time. Love all the unique classes and the story is really great. Combat is fun and challenging. If you like old school final fantasy this game is a MUST have! So excited and eager to get any expansaions or sequals.. I dont really know where to start with this game. It is a fairly simple RPGMaker Game, that said, it is one of the best ones on steam.

There is a lot of story here, it might no be perfect, and it might not be the writing of some of the AAA titles, but it is good, and it will rip your heart out, in the same style that Game of Thrones does. If you care enoght too read everything, you will be happy, you will be dissapointed, and you will somtimes get sad. That said, it is a good thing, the story is sometimes a bit unexpected, and there are some twist here and there so far that keep things interesting.

In summary
* Excellent Turnbased RPG
* Good story that changes things uo
* Crafting (A bit lacking, but it is there)
* Kealas is a ♥♥♥♥ing beast, god damn!
* Last a long time (Im in 40 hours, and Im no where near done)

For the negative
* The game might crash (Remember to save once in a while (Does not happend that often))
* I dont like Instakill abilites (Might be a personal preference, but instalkill abilities is no fun)
* Some bosses hits you real hard with a "level cap", so you might need to grind some.
* There are some hidden monsters that you can exploit to get high leverl after that the game gets fairly easy.
* Kaelas is a too damn much of a bad♥♥♥♥♥ god damn is that guy a bad♥♥♥♥♥

* How badass is Kaelas you say? Well, he can heal your party to full health, he can transform into several different aspects and regain mana, and do insane amount of aoe damage, or he can be a ♥♥♥♥ing bear and tank the♥♥♥♥♥♥out of the enemies, maybe you want a physical damage character? No problem Kealas got that covered, he can be a ♥♥♥♥ing saber and asswhipe everything with his awesome skills, hes like the druid above all druids. Why you ask? Because he is a ♥♥♥♥ing badass, thats why. Need some AOE health Regen? No problem, Need more mana on a different character? No problem, need to instakill some enemies? No problem. God damn I love that druid elf, he will♥♥♥♥♥♥on everything for you while keeping your party safe.

10/10 Would play Kaelas Again. ♥♥♥♥ that Pots guy.. The Great Gaias is one fantastic, long, challenging, and innovative rpg. With a slew of characters to play, vast world, many quests, a ton of creatures/bosses to fight, and a deep crafting system, this highly addictive rpg will give the player many hours of playtime. Took me over 100 hours to complete and I know that I missed a good number of quests and huge areas to explore.
Some say the price is high but you can play 3-4 other rpgs for the same price but will not have the fun, challenge, and length as in The Great Gaias. The developers are quick to respond to any bugs/questions for help. Simply said, this is a bigtime rpg winner.

The Great Gaias End of Summer Sale!:
Our end of summer sale is on! For one week only, purchase The Great Gaias at a 34% discount! Available on Steam today! If you have yet to experience the immersive and addictive world of The Great Gaias, now is the perfect opportunity to see what all the hype is about. With a perfect recommended score on steam by those who have played the game, you will not be disappointed. But don't take our word for it, check out the reviews on steam and see what people are saying about The Great Gaias. If you haven't played by now, you are missing out!. Chapter III of The Great Gaias to be released on 5/21.:
Hi everyone. Thank you for all your support in our first week on Steam, we are truly overjoyed at how much feedback and support we have received.

We have good news, the development team is set to release Chapter 3 (The Three Part Story) for Early Access on 5/21!

This chapter showcases the characters progressions through thier unique storylines following the events at the dreaded City of the Dead, and will introduce (3) more playable characters during their journey to the Elven lands of Porthul!

We hope you enjoy it!

. Conventions next weekend!:
Hello all! We hope you are enjoying The Great Gaias, we sure appreciate your support.

We are excited to announce that if you are local in the New York area we will be showcasing The Great Gaias at (2) conventions on 8-11 and 8-12!

We will be attending PlayNYC in Manhattan, and the Long Island Retro Gaming Expo 2018! We hope to see you there!. Who will be the first to defeat the Dark Emperor? (Contest!):
I have seen 150, 160 and even 181 hours on people's play times! But the race is on... who will be the first to defeat the Dark Emperor?

....and even further, who will be the first to unlock the Perfect Ending?

Post your achievement or screenshot for "The Eternal Sentinel" here or on our facebook page and we will send out a signed vinyl copy of our world map that the wonderful Pathfinder Map Folio artist, Jared Blando, has made for us!

The realm's first will be awarded, obviously. But we will also choose one at random within the month of July! Good luck, Children of Light!

(The Eternal Sentinel is unlocked after completing the 'Perfect Ending')

View the awesome map here:


We have found our realm first! But the prize is still out there for a random pick from now until the end of July! Post a screenshot of your Eternal Sentinel achievement to win!

UPDATE: 7-14-18

2 Weeks left for this contest! Only 2 people in all the realm have been able to bring down the big baddy.

Who will be next?
. Chapter IV to be Released - Memorial Day:
We hope everyone’s having an excellent weekend! For the development team at Horizon’s End, the work never stops! It has been an epic journey bringing our original Dungeons & Dragons homebrew to life. It’s kind of surreal to think that, after all these years, in less than a month our story will finally be completed and ready for release. Our supporters’ feedback has really kicked us into overdrive and we are planning to release Chapter IV (it. is. massive.) in its entirety on June 4th. In the meantime, we are polishing up the first half of this enormous tale to be released on 5/28. We hope you haven’t been sitting on the edge of your seat for too long! This is the first part of the story where there will be no set party leader and you may choose every member of your team. So get ready for even more customization!. Missing Celestium Shards? No problem!:
Hey everyone.

I love collecting things, don't you? ^.^

As you might be aware there are items called Celestium Shards that exist in The Great Gaias that boast some of the most impressive rewards for collecting... there are (110) of them to be exact, and no one has found them all. :)

Now that a guide is being written we would like to add the list out to the public, but... the only way we have enough strength is to be powered by....

STEAM REVIEWS! (Key or Steam copies - we don't care :) )

The moment we hit (50) total reviews on The Great Gaias, we will release the list on the guides section of our page! Help us share this great story with the world and we will help you looking for those pesky shards of the celestial realm.

In the meantime... Happy hunting!

-Love, Horizon's End. Official Release day is here!:
Today is the official release date of The Great Gaias! Thank you so much for the Early Access subscribers that took the time out to help us find bugs, and ultimately took the chance to see what Horizon's End's maiden project was all about!

We are on our way down to Philadelphia today for the TooManyGames retro video game convention to showcase our completed project!

We hope to see you there, and remember - where the horizon ends, the journey begins!. Horizon's End is proud to announce our next project!:
Codex Eternal: Gjallarhorn

Horizon’s End is proud to announce the next installment in the ever expanding world that birthed The Great Gaias, Codex Eternal. The next chapter of this epic is called Gjallarhorn, and it aims to create a completely subjective experience for the player, allowing for the choice of joining one of multiple factions, or fighting for yourself in this slave-to-champion turn based role-playing game.

Originally created as a Dungeons and Dragons Campaign Setting, this epic tale will continue the dark, yet engrossing stories within The Great Gaias. Gjallarhorn will expand on job class mechanics and a sandbox style crafting system that will provide a near infinite amount of customization between gear, class, abilities and allies.


Trapped in the frigid lands of the Gorgath Mountains, you will create your own ill-fated character, destined to become a slave to the Osirian Empire. As you take on job classes and earn fervor with the slave master, an opportunity for freedom arises when the Gladiator Arena is reopened during an ancient rite of choosing a new High Chieftain.

Five factions forming the Osirian Empire seek to see their Champion as the High Chieftain. Their unique views on the direction of the Empire leaves the fragile relationship of a newly unified nation in the hands of the player as the choices and allies you make will rock the very foundations of the leaderless country.


Create your own custom character as you fight for your freedom, unlocking (16) job classes to learn and master as you build your hero to fit your personal playstyle. Craft customizable gear for (16) equipment slots with endless options and augments including gems, runestones, and monster abilities.

A day and night cycle sets the tone for the expansive hunting and gathering systems in place within Gjallarhorn. It will be up to the player to fill their bestiary with valuable knowledge pertaining to fishing, poaching and monster habits in hopes to find all the best, and rarest, crafting components.

The combinations are limitless when it comes to party composition as you find animal companions to tame and interesting mercenaries each with their own stories and goals for you to help (or hinder). With so many complex decisions and event changing choices, it is impossible to see everything the first (or third) time around as you choose which faction you wish to side with. (or none at all).

We will be announcing a crowd-based funding for additional features via Kickstarter, (Likely in November), to help bring more art, music and mechanics to the table. However, fear not, regardless of getting Kickstarter funding, this game will aim to be released in quarter one of 2020.

Please leave us some comments about what you think of our upcoming title, we are eager to bring the next great story to you, and remember, where the horizon ends, the journey begins!

. Open World is now a thing and Full Release coming on 6/22/18!:
Hello everyone. It has been an insane last few months and the feedback we have been getting has fueled our fires! We are proud to say that all of our content is officially complete and we are going to be meeting our official release date of 6/22/18 where we will be showcasing the game at TooManyGames in the greater Philadelphia area!

This current release is a special one, as this will finally give access to the airship and the entire world will be open (except the climactic ending through the Battle of the Blighted Lands and the invasion of the Validian Empire!) We are showcasing the game with all of its' sidequests (Except the final hidden dungeon) and we guarantee you at least 40 to 50 hours of gameplay... but let me be perfectly honest with you. At this point the jig is up, there is likely over 100 hours of gameplay here for the hardcore completionist.

At this point the game's hand holding will stop, as we have been playing these games for over twenty years, we are proud to present some seriously challenging content in this new release... and we would love to hear your battle stories! (Who will be the first to defeat Pale Night or reclaim the Dwarven City from the Drow overlords?!)

Good luck to you, we look forward to presenting you with the conclusion on 6/22! And remember, where the horizon ends, the journey begins!

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