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About This Game

A truly free and open source multiplayer shooter, no strings attached.
Have casual deathmatch matches on various scenarios.
Build your own levels with the ingame editor and assets that come with the game, or just play around and use it as a sandbox.


-Open source.
-No pay to win.
-Modding friendly.
-Easy to use ingame editor.
-A big variety of levels and game-modes.
-Fully transparent development process.
-Community based, so everyone can make suggestions.

Some additional notes for all who actually read the description:

-This is an indie game and developed by mostly one person (me).
-This game does not use Unity or Unreal engine or any products bought from asset stores.
-This is an experimental volunteer project and not a final product, but a continous work in progress.
-This could/should have been labeled as early access, but I pressed the wrong button, so this option is gone now, deal with it.
-This project is an attempt to bring back the good old days.
-This is the attempt on offering an alternative for those who want one, if you are happy with the current commercial aaa titles, this game here is likely not for you. b4d347fde0

Title: Uebergame
Genre: Action, Casual, Free to Play, Indie
Release Date: 24 Dec, 2014


  • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8.1
  • Processor: 2.0+ GHz Dual Core
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 512 MB VRam or greater, Shader 3.0 supported
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 1 GB available space
  • Sound Card: DirectX 9 compatible


uebergame ubuntu. uebergame download. uebergame gameplay. uebergame mods

So a few things:
1: When you play the game, you lag for no reason...THE GAME IS 400 MB...
2: Where the hell is the ammo packs/health kits? You..um...kinda need that to...idk...SURVIVE???
3: Have you ever played a game where the MOON has better texturing than YOUR OWN WEAPON???
4: If you make a map...TRY NOT TO MAKE ONE THAT HAS A CLEAR TEXTURE GLITCH. I'm not supposed to see the end of the map texture, i wanna see a terrain that makes me say "Damn, i wish i could go over there!"

Final analysis:
If I brought my grandmother back to life, and showed her this this game...she would probably die again...just saying...it's that bad.. You know what, I'll play devil's advocate here: I've seen and played worse.

This game, while lacking in content and a community, has potential.

Patience is a virtue people. Learn it.

This game, when it has a workshop integrated, more base content, and a larger community, I foresee being much better. If the developer is correct in that everything is moddable, we could have entirely different games come out of this. That's a farfetched concept, I understand, but never underestimate those talented modders out there.

Give it time, and hope that the cards are played right, and this game could be amazing.. I got this game a few days ago and I like it. I've played on it abit with a couple friends and they like it too. The dev IS adding and changing things. I didn't think so at first, but when I logged on today to play a quick 1 on 1 match or two with my friend, I noticed that alot had been changed and for the better I think. Yes it is true the game is a bit laggy on lower end riggs but I play on all uber settings and still do not lag. I think it could use a bit more content but the game has lots of potential and is free. I give it an 8/10 due to a VERY low player base, but I have seen other players on besides me and my friends. Nice game dev and keep up the good work!. Its cool but, it needs some sounds and controls fixes and also players, when I played for the first time, the´re were only 3 lobbys and only 1 had players, 2 players, but again, its a pretty good game. Dont, just dont... give it a couple months and maybe it will be better...
but for now, 2 words:


Dont,. Man, forget everything you know about FPS games. Forget about call of duty. Forget about Battlefield. Battlefront? Forgetta bout it. THIS, THIS IS THE GAME YOU WANT! THIS IS THE GAME YOU NEED! Never in my years have I played a more polished FPS with such deep customization and great graphics. Seriously you'll never find a better game. Ever. 11/10 this entire game. You'll never need another game ever again.. I have one word for this: SH*T. I love it.
Only get it if you have friends to play with.
cant change weapons though
10/10. There were three people online in a paintball lobby, including myself, nobody else, probably the time of day. We were on a huge map for just three players and it devolved into a sniper war. Had a few pretty funny kills and deaths. The controlls are a bit sluggy but they work enough and the paintball guns are goddamned supercharged, being able to fire a over the whole courthyard to the building across.
After that I tried making a level. Improved it with some very ugle spikes and then got stuck in a pit of my own design.
10/10 would get stuck in pit again.

Uebergame released:
Version adds 4 new maps and a new game type called RtF (Retrieve the Flag)

The rules for Retrieve the Flag are as follows:

Each team starts in his own base or on their own side, its the same spawns as in Team Deathmatch. Then players have to get the flag that is placed somewhere in the map on a flag spawner and bring it to a capture point.

Flag spawners are usually placed somewhere in the middle of the map and there can be multiple of those depending on map settings. If there are multiple flag spawners, the flag will randomly appear on one of those if the first flag was captured. Multiple flag spawners allow for a bit more dynamic gameplay so more areas of the map will be used and need to be covered.

Once a flag is taken it has to be brought to a capture point, which is usually the same model as a flag spawner, but in the team's color. So if you are in the blue team and got the flag, you have to bring it to a blue capture point. The capture point is usually placed in the team's own base/spawn, but it can be placed anywhere depending on map settings and there can also be multiple capture points. The flag can also be thrown, which allows for additional tactical variations, its like passing the ball in football games etc.

Capturing the flag or killing the flag carrier gives bonus points, but in the end the match is won only through reaching the capture limit.

The 4 new maps are all for the paintball game type and are located in a pit with walls around and feature the inflatbale paintball barriers like in the previous Gummifeld maps.

Most of the maps have been upgraded to work with the new game types, except some maps where the RtF game type would not work so well, like the small paintball fields.

Another new feature is that you can set score limits for all game types now in the server options, in case you want to host a game and modify those settings.

Besides all of that there are also some small changes and bufixes, but nothing special, like some changes to the lighting in the dawn missions to make it less dark and new bullet water impact particles and a new denser rain effect.. Uebergame released:
Finally version is out.

This is also the two year anniversary of Uebergame. It was two years ago when the first alpha was released on 24th december 2014. It is not on steam since that, the Steam version was released roughly one year later at 26th october 2015.

Main new features are:

-Bots !!!

-Engine and renderer update for better performance

-Visual interface overhaul

-Potato support

So this version took a little longer since there were some major changes.

For example the engine update took a little longer, since it also introduced new bugs that had to be solved again and so on. It is not fully done yet, only a part of it, so the performance gain is not very big, if any at all, depending on settings. But the graphic settings were improved and a new quality level was added called "Potato" which can be used to gain additional performance on very very slow computers. It runs smooth on Integrated graphic chips on those settings, so that should be enough.

Then the bots were also a pretty big new feature, as they needed to be taught to be able to play all gametypes, all levels and use the equipment. Bots are also integrated into the voting system, so players on a server can vote, if bots should be added or kicked automatically. Additionally the hosting dialog was improved to directly have a slider where you can quickly add bots, if you want to host a server yourself, or play offline.

And finally the whole user interface has gotten a big overhaul as well. There are animated buttons now for the bigger menus and buttons have sound effects now. Overall the layouts of the different menus and dialoges have been improved to make it more ergonomic, as well as many new features have been added, like players where you can play demo recordings of your game using the build in demo recording function.

The new design philosophy of the main menu is to provide a mega-menu, where every feature can be accessed directly from anywhere, no matter if you are in the main menu or in a game, this saves some time, as you no longer need to quit first, to access the main menu. It also helps those people who did not know that there was a server voting menu or an armory where you could choose your equipment, since those have menu buttons now as well.

And finally finally there have been many small adjustments, improvements and bugfixes as well, like some more server options, overall a bit better default settings, a greatly improved help menu that offers a full manual of all the games features now and some other stuff I forgot.. Uebergame released:
Uebergame goes on with a new fancy version.

New features:

-Fancy 3D realtime main menu background system

-6 Different 3D main menu backgrounds so far

-Background music tracks for each main menu and loading screen

-TG_DesertRuins and TG_Fields have some new vegatation models

-Lots of new vegetation models and terrain textures for the editor

-Credits menu that lists names of all content creators

-Visual Developer-Tools Gui to launch the developer tools from

-Editor template system, to help newbies getting started with level editing

-6 Different empty level templates 3x empty levels and 3x with a terrain

-Fixed bug where players ended up on the same team in deathmatch mode

-Removed some not so nice animations for weapons

-New iron sight aiming and scope zooming system that works more flawless and fixes some bugs related to that

-Slight balancing changes to weapons

-And as always several minor adjustments and fixes I forgot or are not worth mentioning. Uebergame released:
Uebergame brings a complete redesign of the game mechanics and lots of new features.

It is the biggest update so far and involves a complete restructuring of the game's code, which is the reason it took so long, especially since a lot of testing was needed to get it halfway stable.

There are so many changes, that the list would be too long, so I only list the big major changes.


-Weapon loadout system, where you can customize your starting equipment

-4 main weapons: assault rifle, sniper rifle, shotgun and grenade launcher

-4 types of grenades: frag grenade, smoke grenade, shape charge and timebomb

-2 special abilities: munitions and medic, munitions can drop ammo and medic can drop medikits

-Iron sight mode, lets you aim down sights or looks through sniper scope, it provides zoom and more accurate shooting

-New hosting menu, it lets you start matches based on game type and has an advanced server options menu

-New join menu, with more features and displays

-4 game modes to chose from: deathmatch, team deathmatch, paintball deathmatch and paintball team deathmatch

-Completely updated options menu with lots of new features, such as skin preview, field of view changer etc

-Updated graphics options: More easy to use graphics options, some new features such as an "Ueber" quality level, which improves the graphics a bit more for those people with high end graphics cards

-Ingame admin interface, which lets you manage admin/super-admin permissions inside the game and lots of admin commands to use such as kick users etc

-New ingame features: Fire teams, quick chat system, voting system and a spectator mode

-New ingame HUD and new loading, endgame and score GUIs

So those are most of the changes.

One more advice if you play the new version for the first time, you need to press "i" before the round to adjust your loadout. This is especially important if game type is changed and you play paintball for example, then you need to change to paintballer and give yourself a paintball weapon, otherwise you start without a weapon and better save your favorite loadouts to a unique slot, so you can quickly switch them if needed.

For people who want to host dedicated servers, the process has changed as well and you will need to update your server launch scripts as well as download a new dedicated server build, but I will update the tutorials with the new instructions and scripts.. Uebergame released:
Since the initial release turned out to have a bunch of issues here and there I hurried to bring out a hotfix update to fix some of them and also add some new content for more variation.


-New level variations added:
Dawn, night and rain versions for TG_BuildingSite, TG_DirtPit and TG_Fields for a total of 9 new different weather settings.

-Some bugfixes that should make servers a bit more stable.

-Default settings changed to better values for new players.

-Settings in server options now save.

-You can sneak now when walking while ducked, it makes no noise or footprints then.

-Improved controls when sprinting.

-Corpses stay on the ground for a bit.

-Fixed instant respawn.

-Players should no longer be falsely labeled with [Bot].

-Fixed getting stuck on ammo boxes, you can now walk smoothly past them.

-Changed some of the ammo box locations on TG_BuildingSite, to make the main building roof less of an overpowered location.

-And a bunch of other small tweaks.

Servers are not up yet, it turned out to be more complicated than thought. So I hope there will be some more volunteers setting up games for people in the meantime.
If someone wants to volunteer running a dedicated server temporarily and has problems with it, he can contact me for some support.. Beta testing started:
Hello Uebergamers,

I just wanted to anounce the new Beta testing feature for Uebergame.

So if you want to test the latest development status for the next Version you can do that now through steam.


To subscribe to beta testing builds, you have to rightclick on Uebergame in your steam library and open the properties, where you will see a new "beta" tab, where you can chose if you want to subscribe to beta testing.

When you have done that, in your library next to the game's name you will see a text "beta" which indicates that you are now running the beta build.

Remember that you cannot join regular servers, since they have still the latest stable release, so you have to start your own server also look for the version number in the server browser, which indicates what version of the game the server is running.


If you should run the latest beta release, the game may update your old config files to use new features, like new key bindings and graphics settings. The update from the old to the new version goes automatically, but if you later don't want to play the beta anymore, but the regular stable release, you may experience some issues, so you have to manually rebind your keybinds or just delete your old config files, so it will reset again.

And of course you may experience bugs, since that is what beta testing is for.. Uebergame released:

This version adds 3 complete new levels in the tropical pacific style, with 4 variations each as known from the other levels, like at dawn, by day, by night and in rain.

1.Pazifik_Kitney_Beach: A small tropical island with moderately dense vegetation, it is very symmetrical, to offer better balance on teamplay modes.

2.Pazifik_Gardens: A small tropical island in the form of an atoll with more orderly and thicker vegetation with occasional flowerbeds.

3.Pazifik_Watertown: This level has no land, it is a small town of primitive wooden huts completely build on poles in the shallow ocean, around a big lighthouse, that has fully walkable interiors.

Apart from the new levels there have not been many changes except some small adjustments and bugfixes.

Other changes in this version are:

-Particle effect have been adjusted more to the ambient light, so they are no longer that bright in dark areas.

-Random tips on level loading.

-Slightly improved postFX settings on some darker levels.

-Fixed a bug saying "password required" where it would lock people out of the game, or making them not being able to launch games when they had a password set previously on hosting a server.

-Of course lots of new textures, 3D models etc that are used in the new levels and of course can be used when building new levels in the editor.

-And as always a bunch of small changes not worth mentioning.. Uebergame released:
This update adds a mostly nonexistent Battle Royale game mode and 4 completely new large scale levels exclusively made for that game mode.

The backstory is that, since almost every multiplayer game has Battle Royale style game modes now, I thought I need that as well, or better said, people suggested that to me. I even met people who wanted to team up with me creating such game modes, two of those seemed serious with it, so we set up tasks to do and a schedule, where I would be designing the levels and the other person would do the coding.

To make the long story short, the other people all ran away, without having done anything and I of course did my part and finished the levels. Since the creation of those large scale maps took so long I wanted to release it anyway so they can at least be played without having to wait even longer for the game mode to finish, that is why the game mode is mostly nonexistent so far, except a few improvised features I quickly made to make it all work.

Other changes in this version are of course some new art assets mostly for the new levels, some fixes for the art assets, some gameplay balancing changes and a single player game mode template, for developers. The story behind the single player game mode is, that before I planend to do the Battle Royale game mode we planned to create a single player game mode, which meant someone was helping me with it and he actually did some coding, but then also ran away and was not seen again, that is why that gamemode is not in use yet and only a template as inspiration for developers.

And finally a short description of the new levels:

1. Riverside Park

A medicore sized park area, roughly 0.5 x 0.5 km in size. In the middle it is crossed by a big alley road next to a river and on the sides you can follow several footpaths through the park area. It also includes some lakes and little forests.

2. Volcav Island

Also 0.5 x 0.5 km in size, but this time it is an island with a volcano like mountain in the middle you can climb and below there is a rather large cave system you can use to walk underground from one side of the island to the next. It features dense, but small vegetation without big trees, so it only offers decent cover, if you duck behind it. It also features the recycled lighthouse from the watertown level adding a little more playable area to the rather small level.

3. Lonerock Island

This is a big island 1x1km in size. It is very high with very steep walkways, but in between there are occasional flat areas with pretty dense forests. You can climb most of the mountain peaks, which gives you a great overview and great possibilities to snipe, but you are also pretty visible and it often takes some time to climb onto there.

4. Rocky Highlands

This is probably the biggest map this update, though also 1x1 km in size, but since it is not an island, but a square area, it features a more playable terrain. The level is set in the mountains, but also feels mediterranean from the looks. In the middle there are a few little mountains and inbetween in the valleys there is a road network with little villages of up to a few buildings each, which are fully accessible.
. Uebergame released:

New features:

-New Pazifik Islands level in dawn/day/night/rain versions

-An extra version of the Pazifik Islands level for main menu background also in dawn/day/night/rain versions

-New system that displays main menu background levels from random viewpoints for more variation

-New game type called "Marked for Death"

-Some general game scripts cleanup

-GUI improvements like the main menu buttons now scaling better and no longer pixelate and some more small tweaks

-8 New Background images that randomly change as well as an option to disable that feature

-Added options menu item to switch screenshot image format JPG or PNG

-A bunch of new art assets related to the pacific them such as roads, textures, rocks etc

-Improved bot navigation

-New higher resolution level preview images for most levels

-Under water ballistics system, bullets from weapons fired under water slow down extremely,
system is not complete as bullets fire into water keep their speed, it was designed to handicap players in water a bit

-Some more minor small tweaks here and there I forgot or are not worth mentioning

The new Pazifik Dee Am Islands level is compatible with all current game types.
Each team starts diagonally opposed on the map on its own island, the Flag for RtF game type is placed on the small island in the middle and must be brought back to the island the team started on, but the capture point is placed further away from the spawn points to give the other team better chances to prevent captures.

The new game type is called "Marked for Death". The goal here for each team is to kill the other teams marked player and protect their own mark. The first player joining a team will become the marked and he will get a flag attached to him in his teams color so everyone can see who is the mark. When the marked is killed the next player spawning will become the new marked, the player that was the mark before will get a short protection from becoming the new mark so another player can become the mark if possible.. Initial launch problems, issues and solutions:
Yes, there are a lot of bugs in the game. There was likely not enough testing before the release, especially not under such load like now.

I will make a list of the most known issues and possible solutions here, for a temporary workaround until the issues get patched:

There are no official servers yet and people have to host their own games. This can lead to bad performance or connection interrupts.
If you host a game make sure your PC is fast enough and you have enough bandwidth for upload, you will need around 8 kb/s per player on your server.

2.Server settings:
There seems to be a problem in the server settings in where the player limit does not work, so too many players join games, which leads to lags and later server crash and maybe bad gameplay experience.
You also should activate "Allow Cycling" in options, otherwise the server will shut down after a match and all players will return to menu.
So for now don't overpopulate the servers

Read the manual you get when pressing "Help" on main menu or "F1", there are some hints.
You should play on servers with latency/ping below 150, better 100 or less, otherwise the game will not be playable and you have significant delay.

Many experience mouse sensitivity problems, make sure you set the sensitivity in options before playing, you can also change some options while in a game.

5.Dedicated servers
If you want to host a dedicated server you can do this with following command:

Uebergame-Win-64-Bit.exe -dedicated -mission ./levels/Training_Grounds/TG_BuildingSite/TG_BuildingSite_day.mis

Where the binary can be replaced, if you want to try Linux for example, or the level, if you want to start with another level also make sure "Allow Cycling" is on in options. This is the commandline version, if you have a shortcut on your desktop, you can add the parameters -dedicated... as launch options.

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