Universal Combat - The Lyrius Conflict Download Utorrent

Universal Combat - The Lyrius Conflict Download Utorrent

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About This Content

Being the only game of its kind, the all encompassing Universal Combat CE v2.0 game is in need of a makeover, and the sales of this DLC will hopefully make that happen.

Due to the massive scope of the game, we decided to improve on the game via DLC releases. This means more frequent updates in the months to come. For example, this first DLC, contains no new gameplay features. It focuses purely on bug fixes, tweaks, as well as UI, engine, art and visual improvements.

As these games are developed using a suite of custom game engines, they cannot be ported easily to third-party game engines (e.g. UE4, Unity, Lumberyard etc) without a LOT of work. So for this first 3.0 iteration, we’re going to be porting it to use the more improved space and planetary terrain engine and art/model assets used in the All Aspects games.

If successful, we plan future DLC which may include multiplayer (like the original 2004 game), new features, content etc. More info on the game's official web page.


In addition to on-going tweaks and revisions to the base game, this DLC also has lots of additional content.

  • On-going bug fixes and improvements via the 3.x game kernel
  • Over 70 scenarios exported from previous Universal Combat games
  • The Lyrius Conflict, a 16 mission campaign scenario based on the conflict that led to the events in the Line Of Defense game
  • Updated graphics engine (SM 3.0 graphics card required)
  • Updated planetary terrain engine, including new texture and mesh assets
  • Updated character animation engine
  • Updated shader and special FX assets based on the improved graphics engines
  • Improvements to the AI engine
  • Improvements to the audio engine
  • Improvements to the UI and first person interface
  • Improvements to planetary terrain mission zones and bases
  • Improved art assets for all NPC crew and key characters (officers, pilots, crew etc)
  • Improved model assets for all game objects. This includes characters, weapons & inventory items, vehicles, space/air craft, stations, starbases, all terrain objects etc
  • New craft UI interface, including 3D rendered cockpits and bridge for capital ships (x28), fighters (x29), shuttles (x3), gunships (x5) player assets. Ground vehicles and naval assets don't need these since they use the first person UI
  • Full version of the Game Builder System (GBS) for user created mission script content

Title: Universal Combat - The Lyrius Conflict
Genre: Action, Indie, Simulation, Strategy
Release Date: 29 May, 2015


  • OS: Windows 7 x64
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 @ 2.40GHz or AMD Phenom 9850 Quad-Core @ 2.5GHz
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT 1GB / AMD Radeon HD 4870 1GB
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Storage: 10 GB available space
  • Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card


universal combat the lyrius conflict

Single-player simulation of military spaceship operations, where the player takes the role of commander on the bridge of a big cruiser or carrier in space.
Core features are:
1)capital ship command simulator, with complex equipment, AI onboard crew, and AI or player-controlled fighters and vehicles.
2)the dynamic world, a big sandbox galaxy with seamless 3D space and planetside warfare.

A very good thing about this game is there's no initial grind, because you don't start with a useless piece of junk for a ship like in most other spacesims!
But be advised: this is not a shooter\/"ww2 fighters in space" type of game. It's complex, more similar to Eve Online or to a naval sim. There's a lot to learn that's not presented to you nor obvious. So if you are into hardcore military sims and have time to put into it, universal combat might be well worth your time.

You can begin your military career either with a mission-based tour of duty('acm'), or start in 'roam' mode where you are free to do whatever you wish in the open world.
Numerous instant action scenarios are also present.
Roam mode especially should be used in a roleplay mindset, so reading the game lore will greatly enhance the experience.

Other than fighting your faction enemies and completing acm missions, your might also venture in the usual trading\/mining\/salvaging\/bountyhunt\/pirating businesses.
You'll be able to capture enemy bases in both space and planets, give orders to fleets of AIs, and your own crew AI will improve making them more effective in their duties.


-manual appendix (linked at http:\/\/steamcommunity.com\/app\/345580\/discussions\/0\/606068060824451693\/<\/a> ), which contains descriptions of all ingame items and places, and essential game lore.

-battlecruiser faq
www.gamefaqs.com\/pc\/566167-battlecruiser-3000-ad-20\/faqs\/24935\" target=\"_blank\" rel=\"noopener\" >http:\/\/www.gamefaqs.com\/pc\/566167-battlecruiser-3000-ad-20\/faqs\/24935<\/a>
It's an old faq but still applies, and it has an essential walkthrough of the first campaign.
0 Comments. Don't mind the whiners. This game will appeal to those who want the REAL experience. This game is a simulator. And it's an ambitious one. It's a space civilization simulator, a universe warfare simulator, a complete capital ship simulator (think Picard in command of the Enterprise), a weapon and tactical simulator, a weather system simulator, a planet environment simulator, and MUCH MUCH MORE. The scale of this game is amazing. It's horrendous that it's received such unfair reviews. You name it, IT IS HERE. If you want to live in an alternative universe and be a starship captain, where whole alien empires clash, then THIS IS IT. The people who claim that the game is a "failure", are the ones who were too lazy to spend the hours needed to read and learn the manual, because if you don't do that, you probably will be going nowhere fast. You need to be committed, you need to want to really be the captain of a large starship, and you need to really want to be in charge of all the systems it would have to offer. This isn't Star Trek Online for kiddies. This is the real deal. There are no second chances, and there is no easy dumbed down mode for the whimpy. You either know what you are doing or you are caput. Can't be afraid to start over. This is Dwarf Fortress for starship captains.. If you like the old school simulations from back in the day, you'll love this too. Very detailed, lots of features and a well written manual including a tutorial mission to follow along with.

Space combat, ground combat, switching between controllable ships and vehicles on the fly, shipboard invasions to contend with, planetary bombardment from space, control of units on the gorund including tanks, APCs, troops, mining drones, just so much involvement I can't list it all here.

Suffice it to say that if you remember and enjoyed the Microprose realistic and complex sims from the 90s, this is a must buy and be prepared for a learning curve all over again, it'll bring back memories!!. I'm not going to lie, I love the space simulator genre. The very first space sim that I played was Universal Combat, which my brother bought on disk from a Ross bargain bin back in 2005. I was ten years old, used to playing Crash Bandicoot and Earthworm Jim. UC was a whole new experience for me; intricately designed to be the most expansive, in depth space simulator the world had ever seen up until that point. Was I confused? Lost? Afraid? Yes, of course I was. But I gave the game a chance because I wanted to experience all that it had to offer. I studied the 100+ page instruction manual nearly religiously, poured over every section even remotely related to the task at hand.

Were the controls confusing? Initially, yes. But with time and practice, I--even I as a ten year old child--found myself launching away teams of marines on planetside missions, assaulting enemy bases from orbit, conducting raids on space stations from my carrier while simultaneously commanding an echelon of fighter craft, fending off a boarding party while systematically shutting down portions of my ship to prevent their escape and more. Most people pick this game up expecting a fairly easy experience, thinking that they'll be artificially faster, stronger, and just better than the AI from the get go. My friends, this is not and should not be the case. Universal Combat is not a hard game, but it is no cakewalk. As long as the player takes the initiative to do their research and figure out how to play the game, they will be rewarded with a satisfying challenge in an expansive universe in which no one person is magically superior. Supremecy in the world of UC is earned, period.

When UC was added to Steam a few months back at the generous price of free (!!!), I grew ecstatic. I was eager to revisit a world that I had previously enjoyed in my youth. Initially, the Steam release was unplayable for me, and so I set it aside to be revisited at a time when I could enjoy it. With the recent patches, the game runs without crashing on my system, and I fully intend to spend some quality time with this gem. I purchased this DLC soley to support the improvement of this uniquely epic title.

Before simply dismissing a game as being rubbish, people should take the time to try to get to know it. If a task is found to be too difficult, don't just give up and claim the task to be impossible; persist, improve, re-evaluate the situation, and try again until a winning strategy can be ascertained. Before making accusations of immaturity, people should check their own behaviour and remember that developers are people too. There is a certain degree of professionalism to be expected, sure, but to expect a human being to remain cool and collected when they are constantly criticized for the ineptitude of others is borderline insane. If you have an issue with the game, try to constructively criticize it; don't just say "Well this game is awful and I don't like the developer," because at that point you aren't doing anything more than whining.

And say whatever you want about Mr. Smart, but the man has made something of himself. He has been very successful over the years and has had the good fortune to be able to persue his passion and make a living from it. He has raised his children sensibly and taught them to work towards their goals, not just sit back and leech off of him. Whether or not you agree with his methods or his demeanor, Derek Smart has lived a life of his choosing, and no matter how many times people try to put him down, he will always be able to say that he is in control of his own life. How many of us can say the same? How many of us can continue to press on and try to improve ourselves and shrug off all of the negativity launched at us?

Who gives a toss if you don't like the man; review the game for what it is and don't let personal gripes drive you to be an immature hothead and trash the game because of the man in charge. While it is very clear that my opinion is in the minority, I have nothing but high hopes for what Mr. Smart will achieve with UC in the months to come and I hope that more people can at least give his game a chance before hopping on the Hate Train.

Or maybe I'm just a crazy fanboy suffering from nostalgia overload and upset that a great man is being shunned by the masses for being a real person and not some PR spewing puppet.

More info on Derek Smart can be found www.polygon.com\/2012\/11\/14\/3553620\/the-redemption-of-derek-smart\" target=\"_blank\" rel=\"noopener\" >here<\/a> in this interview with him. Love him or hate him, he will continue to do what he does, and if we don't make room for him, he'll make his own way. Thanks for reading.. Where are the features you have announced Derek Smart. WHERE ARE THEY.

Stay away from this DLC, it is a thing that should be released FOR FREE to the main game as this fixes a couple of bugs, just a few of them... and they ask 27 euro for this. This is so close to a scam, I have lost so much money having hope that the DEV will ever repair this game.

But he wont. Few updates in the first couple of months, bloody silence for MANY months after that.

Stay away - this is a broadlight scam.

Well played, "Smart".

EDIT: Smart seems to release some updates for the game lately, but mostly bugfixes. Still not worth its price, where key features are still not here. Interface is still very, very unintuitive, still a lot of problems.

Might consider changing the review if he finally delivers and fixes this game since the concept itself is briliant, the execution, not so good.

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