Varenje Ativador Download [torrent Full]

Varenje Ativador Download [torrent Full]

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About This Game

"All grown-ups were once children... but only few of them remember it."
― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Get yourself a little summer's day with a raspberry jam adventure!

Our hero was spending summer happily at the cottage until curiosity forced him to sample an unknown berry at the stream. Before he knew it, everything had become incredibly large, and he was reduced to the size of a bug!

Trying to understand what happened and how to return things back to normal, we set off into the invisible to the human eye tiny world, where worms, beetles and spiders live their life, and build bizarre vehicles, in disguise so that humans do not realize.

Our new friends will surely help us by discovering the secret healing potion, which will return us to our previous dimensions. All we need is to collect enough raspberries to cook grandmother's jam. And as we all know - this is a remedy for all ills! 7ad7b8b382

Title: Varenje
Genre: Adventure, Casual, Free to Play, Indie
Play Cute
JoyBits Ltd.
Release Date: 3 Jul, 2018

English,Russian,German,Simplified Chinese,Japanese,Ukrainian,Traditional Chinese,French,Italian,Korean

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Varenje is a fun game where you find and collect items and solve puzzles. I enjoyed the colorful art. I tried it free to play and will be purchasing the full game.. A pretty good and easy HOG style of game. Love it.. Played first chapter, I approve! The puzzles weren't super frustrating but still challenging. Love that you can solve a puzzle for a hint. The artists did an amazing job.. well that was weird. Playing it is a good way to wind down after a long day at work. I like the point and click--I like that it makes me look at the screen in different ways. A whole rather than parts, etc. The hospital video bits are a bit confusing and seem unnecessary, although good fun, and I'm not sure what the story is--but this is definitely a cute game! I would recommend it if you want to play for 15-20 minutes each day for a while :). a fun and unique puzzle game. the full version is going on my wishlist for sure.. This game is super fun! The art is beautiful, the puzzles aren't horribly hard to decode, and the hint system is friendly and still feels like you're accomplishing something even if you couldn't find the thing at first. It's a lovely game. I'm totally getting the full game!

WEGAME Awards winners!:
Varenje won in the category "Best Game" on WEGAME Awards today!. The game will be reased tomorrow:

Our game was approved by Valve. Be ready!. Demo keys:
Hey guys!

We are sorry that you have demo keys instead of full DLC. You can contact me via Steam PM or and I will exchange your old key with a new one(Full version DLC)

But please, provide me more info about where did you get this key or show me the key itself. Thanks!

Cheers! :steamhappy:. Release Date:
Hey everyone!

We are sorry for delay :(
We are trying to make the game available on Steam as soon as possible.

To be clear - the game is ready. We gave it to our publisher few weeks ago.

Right now the publisher and Valve are negotiating about releae date.
So it depends only on them when the game will be published on Steam.

Don't worry, it will not take too long.

Thank you for your patience!

. Wind up key issue:
Tomorrow we will update the game with hot fix for this bug! :light_my_fire:

Stay tuned! :absolem:. Delay:
For some reason Valve haven't apporved our build yet.

Once they will do it the game will be released.. Final achievement:

We planned to implemen met-game and lore. But some players started to decompile the game sources so we decided to remove part of meta-game and lore.

But, if there are players still wanted to receive the final achievement - we can continue developing meta-game in future updates.

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