Voronium - Locust Sols Torrent Download [PC]

Voronium - Locust Sols Torrent Download [PC]

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About This Game

Voronium - Locust Sols takes place on a planet far from our known world. In the wake of mankind’s destruction of the earth a quest to find a new home has begun. Due to the enormous distances of space, this expedition is lead by machines and highly sophisticated AI all relaying on Voronium.

Voronium is a material, so versatile and energy dense it defies the laws of physics. It’s the energy source that replaced all others. But though the universe is vast – mankind and their AI are not the only species interested in the energy. Your job is to secure the Voronium mining operations, and destroy anything that gets in the way.


The game is made solely for VR and it mixes two classic genres of game-play. Tower defense and First person shooter (VR Style). The game contains the following features:

  • Tower-defense gameplay (protect the base)
  • First person gameplay – participate in the defending in VR FPS mode
  • Tech-noir storyline driving the game forward
  • Free placement of towers on all flat areas in the landscape
  • Evolving tech-tree, various weapons and upgrades
  • Multiple opponent types – different behavior requires different tactics
  • Enemies attack player back using rocks, drones, and jumping melee attacks
  • Enemies are hive-minded, attacking one trigger agro
  • Unique twirling gesture for swapping weapons in FPS mode

Title: Voronium - Locust Sols
Genre: Action, Indie, Strategy
Gamalocus Studios
Gamalocus Studios
Release Date: 16 Nov, 2018


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: 8
  • Processor: i5
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GTX-1050
  • Storage: 1800 MB available space


voronium - locust sols. voronium - locust sols

It's the only VR shooter so far that doesn't make me motion sick - they nailed it!
I love the combo of a shooter with the strategy element of tower defense, somehow it balances the action-packed shooting.
. If you are into hoard shooting with a challenge, this game is for ya! Design seems well put together as well as the story line and voice acting. Kind of like the gravity feel like in "Lone Echo" at the beginning as well. I didn't get a whole lot of time into the game yet, but it's pretty enjoyable from a starting stand point.. This i great fun! I like tower defence and this is like tower defence on steroids. Wild!
I also really like the graphics and the atmosphere of this game. If you like action and tower defence strategy
i can definitely recommend this title.. One big flaw.
Everytime I unposses a turret, I reappear far away from the controls....not kewl.. Making it all the way to the end was hard, very hard.
I can't wait to see what the game will become during Early Access when they add more creep and weapons.. I bought it and it\u2019s totally worth it!
Awesome experience in my Oculus Rift! Finally a great VR tower defense game!. Wow, I thought it was just a wave shooter! But it's also tower defence at the same time.. If you are into hoard shooting with a challenge, this game is for ya! Design seems well put together as well as the story line and voice acting. Kind of like the gravity feel like in "Lone Echo" at the beginning as well. I didn't get a whole lot of time into the game yet, but it's pretty enjoyable from a starting stand point.. I bought it and it\u2019s totally worth it!
Awesome experience in my Oculus Rift! Finally a great VR tower defense game!

Rockets and Shields – adding new weapons:
After our Early Access launch we had a Monday morning coffee to decide what should we do next.
We all agreed that now it's time to make the interaction with the world more interesting.
So this week we will be spending experimenting and building different weapon systems for the PDS.

The first two are rockets and shields.

  • Rocket launcher - shoots in a ballistic trajectory rather than straight line, and hits multiple enemies by it's explosion.
  • Shield - a way to defend yourself from the rocks flying at you. In addition to adding a shield we are experimenting with changing the hit area of the rocks so it will be possible to avoid them by steeping aside and dodging.

Here are short videos to show you what we have got so far:
Shields and dodging

Check out the full post: https://voronium.com/rockets-and-shields-adding-new-weapons/. Voronium is live!:
Voronium is officially published now and you can get it on Steam.
The plan for next few hours:
1. To post the release notes of an update we made just a few hours ago
2. To upload another update with a fix for rotation of the arms rotation. Polishing update:
Lot's of polishing was done since last update.
Here are the major improvements:

- Added music to combat scenes and improved sounds all over the game
- Improved visuals of game start, when getting out of the cryo chamber
- Improved HUDs - updated hitpoint indicator on creeps and towers, new visuals for virtual hands
- Autonomous tower controllers - when possessing an autonomous tower they are more intuitive to control
- Improved level selection menu
- Improved landscape visual effects and added sand storms
- Storlyline fixes
- Fixed laser beams being caped
- No more shooting through things

Looking forward to the release in 20 hours!
Will squeeze as many more improvements as we can.

Meanwhile are welcome to join our Discord server and get ready:
https://discord.gg/FPRVqB. Voronium is Live!:
We are thrilled to announce the public release of Voronium!
Come and try the new features and the polished graphics and sounds we've crafted for you.
Be the first to immerse into the full Voronium experience in VR.

  • Improved tech tree to upgrade towers, guns, shields, etc.
  • Free placement of Zeus and ADTs
  • 3rd person spectator mode
  • See the towers you have placed on the Holomap
  • Collected Battle Voronium is visible in the Zeus
  • Revamped look and feel of the 3 regions
  • Improved sound and music
  • Slow-motion when building/strategizing
  • Better level balancing

Join us on Discord to share your experience:

. Upgrades!:
Dear Fans,

We are happy to announce that today we have released a new update to Voronium. This is a small update containing the following:

* Minor adjustments to visuals
* Snap-turn in Argus and Zeus (click left/right on controller thumb/joy-sticks)
* Light level loading improvements (remove visual glitches)

We hope you're gonna like it!
Gamalocus Studios
. New weapons and locust behaviours:
A large update to the weapon systems and locust behaviors!

New weapons:
- Gravity gun - try grabbing the rocks and the scouts
- Grenade launcher - try it on a big crowd of locust
- Deagro grenades - calming down attacking locust
- EMP tower - slows the locust down

New locust behaviors:
- Angry scouts might jump on you
- Locust learnt to communicate to each other, attacking one might sometimes make his friends angry

We are really curious to hear your feedback on all the new weapons and locust behaviors. Please try out the new version and let us know what do you think, either here or on Discord: https://discord.gg/TtzgQuh

. More polishing:
Lot's of polishing again + one very annoying issue fixed.
Here are the major improvements:

- Improved game menu
- Remade visuals for prolog (Hit "reset storyline" in the menu to watch, but it will erase your progress)
- Hitpoints/Time-indicator on PDS guns counter recoil
- Added spectator mode
- Added commentaries: Tower down, Strider down
- "Get out of the Console"
- Fix for the PDS arms being on the way when shooting

About the arms being on the way - after watching a few folks playing the game is was clear we must make the arms move away.
The initial idea was to attach the rotation to the headset location, but then you won't be able to see the beauty of the arm and won't get same feeling about their size.
Eventually we decided to attach the rotation to the guns, so you still have the chance to look around and see the mech arms around you.
Please tell us in the comments what do you think of the fix?

Credit to Moyasisyamo for the drawing

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