Wanderlust. Travel Stories Activation Code

Wanderlust. Travel Stories Activation Code

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About This Game

A Collection of Travel Memoirs From the Modern World

As the travelers share stories about the most important journeys of their lives, you accompany them, both as the reader and as the storyteller. You can influence the characters’ actions and experience their emotions. Immersing in the travel memoirs gives you a chance to examine your own feelings towards the world today, and people who inhabit it.

He didn’t plan to be spontaneous, but it happened. Now he has to cross the whole of Europe to meet a woman he doesn’t really know. His hopes are high. He might be in love. He’ll probably be late.

With every new experience, Martine has this nagging feeling that she changes. But is this something she needs during her perfect gap year? All she wanted was to go to Asia and find the meaning of life, just like everybody else.

Antarctica. A luxury cruiser. A yacht. A father. A daughter. Old friends. New enemies.
Cold, uncaring sea.

Adilia felt too young for her best friend dying, too young for being fed up with her husband, and definitely too young to become a grandmother. She needed to think. To cross Africa one more time. Spend a moment alone. Six months. Maybe more. They will manage.

Slow Gaming

You don’t have to rush. You don’t have to fight. This is a slow game. Every decision moves the story forward. Give yourself space to experience, think, and feel. Observe how the journey brings about change. Make it your own. d859598525

Title: Wanderlust. Travel Stories
Genre: Adventure, Indie
Different Tales
Walkabout Games
Release Date: Q3 2019


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